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By now everyone should know from other copies of Nuacht Chláir, that St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society is a lay organisation that fosters vocations to the priesthood and religious life by prayer and helps financially in the education of students to the Priesthood.

There is a Branch of St. Joseph’s Young Priest’s Society in the parish since May 1997. The members meet in the SMA House on the 2nd Friday of each month at 8pm. Even though it is only a little over a year in existence it is one of the best Branches in the Galway Diocese. The Spirtual Director is our Parish Priest very Rev. Noel Mullin. He will have a Céad Míle Fáilte for you all at the meetings. It is very hard to attend every meeting as there are so many other activities in the Parish, but even if you only attend some meetings and pray for vocations and give the yearly donation of £6 it will be a wonderful help.

St. Joseph is the Patron Saint of the Society and on Friday 19th March there will be mass at 7:30pm in the Church and after Mass the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed and there will be time for silent prayer. We hope that a good number of people will attend the Mass and spend some time in prayer. If you cannot spend an hour maybe a quarter of an hour or as much time as you can will help. We know that Friday evening is a busy evening but where there is a will there is a way.

Man of the House

by Katherine Tynan (1859–1931)

Joseph honored from sea to sea
This is the name that pleases me:
Man of the House
I see you rise at dawn and light the fire and blow it till the flame is bright.
I see you take the pitcher and carry the deep well-water for Jesus and Mary.
You knead the corn for the bread so fine gather them grapes from the hanging vine.
There are little feet that are soft and slow follow you wheresoever you go.
There are little feet at your workshop door, a little one sits down on your floor.
Holds his hands for the shaving curled the soft little hands that made the world.
Mary calls you: the meal is ready; you swing the child to your shoulders steady.
I see your quiet smile as you sit and watch the little son thrive and eat.
The vine curls by the window space, the wings of angels cover the face.
Up in the rafters polished and olden there’s a dove that broods and his wings are golden.

You have kept them through shine and storm a staff, a shelter kindly and warm.
Father to Jesus, husband to Mary, hold up your lilies for sanctuary!
Joseph honored from sea to sea
Guard me and mine and my own rooftree
Man of the House


An extract from the General Secretary’s Report 1998

Clerical students assisted:
Irish 241
Overseas 398
Total 639

Ordinations to the priesthood:
Irish 19
Overseas 50
Total 69

Not included in the student’s figures are 37 Irish and 38 overseas students on leave of absence or on pastoral work in parishes.

Prayer for Vocations

God our Father,
You speak to us and nourish us through the life of the Church Community.
In the name of Jesus, we ask you to send you Spirit to us so that men and women among us, young and old, will respond to your call to service and leadership in the Church.
We pray especially in our day, for those who hear your invitation to be a priest, sister or brother.
May those who are opening their hearts and minds to your call, be encouraged and strengthened through our enthusiasm in your service—Amen.

Sarah McCallen, Secretary,
St. Joseph’s Young Priest’s Society, Claregalway Parish