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On Saturday, 23rd April, four members of the Claregalway Branch of the above society went on a trip to Maynooth with members of several other branches throughout the County. On the way, we stopped in Tyrellspass Castle for a break and enjoyed a cup of tea and scone. The weather was perfect for such a trip, with the sun beaming down all day. We travelled on to Maynooth, where we were welcomed by the young Deacons who will be ordained on 30th May. Four will be ordained in the Galway Cathedral for the Galway Diocese and four more in Tuam. They gave up their day off to look after us and show us around the College. After the group (48 in all) and the students had their photographs taken, we all sat down to a lovely meal.

Everyone attended Mass in the Chapel after lunch, which was concelebrated by Fr O’Connor from Oranmore and Fr Vivian from St. Mary’s College, both of whom travelled with us from Galway. It is well worth visiting Maynooth College, just to see the Chapel alone. It is magnificent from the ceiling to the floor. The paintings of the Stations of the Cross are truly beautiful. The Altar and small Chapels surrounding it are very interesting. After spending some time in the Chapel, we were taken outside to see the gardens. Although it was too early for the roses, the Lilac and several other trees and shrubs were in full bloom. There is also a Visitor’s Centre in the College and there we saw a video of the College which was very interesting. The museum had several items of great interest, among them invoices and documents from the early 1800s.

We then had tea and evening prayer, after which we set out for Galway. We all agreed it was a thoroughly enjoyable day out and well worth visiting Maynooth College. St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society meet in the SMA House on the second Friday of the month at 8pm. They pray for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life and also help in a financial way. New members are always welcome.