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Best of luck to Hughes Supermarket, Claregalway, the first of its kind in Ireland to go online. Merit Solutions—a software company specialising in retail systems solutions is testing its online supermarket system through Hughes where customers can purchase from a range of products including supermarket groceries, toys, DIY or hardware by clicking on the internet.

A delivery service of up to 8 miles is offered.

Micheál Hughes established Merit Solutions in 1992, having expressed dissatisfaction with the choice and functionality of the systems available in the market place. The supermarket sales system based on the traditional cash register was not linked to the back office accounting system. This meant that daily sales transactions had to be transferred manually to the accounting system, regular reconciliation’s had to be performed and key management information was unavailable on a timely basis to manage and control the business.

Having done research in Ireland and in the UK Micheál established Merit Solutions and although it is in its pilot stage, it has proven successful. Merit Solutions employs 23 and a further 25 are employed in the Supermarket. Merit Solutions consist of a development team, an installation, training and support team which offers an after hours and weekend support on-call service. They also have a base in Dublin. Micheál runs the long established family business with his daughters Mary and Eva and son Mike.

We wish Hughes Supermarket and Merit Solutions continued success with this great initiative.