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The steering committee set up, at a public meeting held on 27th September last, to organise the setting up of a Community Council has concluded that the Council would comprise of people willing to allow their names to go forward for election at a public meeting. The objective is to create a council that best represents area, taking into account geographic spread, the age profile, and the different organisations operating within the community.

The aims of our Community Council will be to:

  • Promote the future of Claregalway.
  • Provide a forum for discussion within the community.
  • Create a better living environment.
  • Create employment opportunities within the community.
  • Act as a representative body on behalf of the community in dealing with agencies.

To date over 25 people, representing different areas, organisations, sex and age, have agreed to put their names forward for election. If you are interested in joining the Council please contact a member of the Steering Committee for inclusion at the election. Nominations will also be taken on the night.

Steering Committee: Madeleine Flanagan, Sean Harte, Rose Kavanagh, Celia Lennon, Vincent Lyons and Seamus O’Connell.

Contact Number: 798140