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It never ceases to amaze and humble me, the generosity of people, especially in our own parish. I have been leaving out the honey pots in the now familiar yellow boxes for the past three years to various stores throughout the parish. At £1 per pot, all 1 oz or 28g of it, you surely aren’t getting value for money or are you? Let me tell you a few interesting things and even if you didn’t give a pound this time, maybe next time you just might!

We have a Down Syndrome little girl of seven years called Maeve.

Her arrival was a shock to say the least but I can now safely say she is the centre of attention as well as the Boss in our family. She is what we like to call a special child. We joined Down Syndrome Ireland a few years ago which is an organisation of parents and guardians of people with Down Syndrome. There are over 200 member families and 23 branches nationwide. It is the biggest single parent group concerned with the welfare of people with learning disabilities in Irelands.

Since 1996 D.S. Ireland has held an annual national fund raising campaign called Honey Days. It involves selling the familiar miniature honey jars from various locations throughout the country to the public at £1. This campaign is held in late October every year. Funds raised are used to support a wide range of projects and activities. Above all the money raised is used to help people with Down Syndrome reach their full potential and to become integrated members of the community.

Where does the money go? Well, 40% funds local activities and 60% funds Health Research projects. The local activities can include such things as a Counselling Service, a Swimming Club, a Resource Library and Speech and Language classes. The Health Research Project mainly involves 500 children with D.S. in the Eastern Health Board who have been interviewed since 1997 in the most intensive clinical study ever conducted into Down Syndrome in Ireland. The objective of this research is to highlight the medical problems faced by children with D.S. When completed a world class document will be produced to try to improve the medical treatment of people with D.S. This document will be presented at the Down Syndrome World Conference in Sydney 2000.

Our Maeve benefits from all this and you who have given so generously little know the huge contribution you have just made on a global level! Thank you most sincerely to all the proprietors for again accepting the boxes, to Boyne Valley, the wonderful annual sponsors and to you for your support. Incidentally, over £60 was donated without the honey pots being taken!

Josephine Moran, Cregboy