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The Clareglaway Branch I.F.A. held their AGM recently in the Claregalway leisure centre, Mr Larry Mockler County Secretary was guest speaker. The meeting was chaired by Ollie O’Connell and he welcomed all to the meeting, Larry Mockler outlined all the recent changes in R.E.P.S., farm retirement scheme, extensification etc.. The recent drop in cattle prices owing to the B.S.E. outbreak in France and elsewhere in Europe was discussed and farmers were concerned about the future price of beef. Farmers who have any problems with headage or any of the various schemes should contact the I.F.A. office in the mart offices Athenry.

The following officers were elected:

  • Chairperson Michael Casserly
  • Vice Chairperson Ollie O’Connell
  • Secretary Edward O’Connell
  • Treasurer Michael O’Connell
  • Dairy Delegate to County Executive Ollie O’Connell
  • Cattle Delegate Sean Concannon