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A Charity Halloween Party was held on Saturday the 27th of October, 2001—half the monies raised will be forwarded to the Salvation Army for the American Victims Families and half will be forwarded to Goal for the Afghan refugees. To date we have collected £1,700 and donations are still coming in. We had a very successful raffle which raised £510 (included above) on the night and we had 33 spot prizes to give away. I want to take this opportunity to thank the people who donated the spot prizes.

I was touched by everyone’s generosity, the shops listed below are the people you contributed and indeed who always contribute, a sincere thank you: Centra (Glynn’s), G&R Windows, Glynn’s Fruit & Veg., Hughes, Quality Hotel, Tuohy & Grealish, John Duffy Chemist (Claregalway), Centra (Raftery’s), Grealishs Pub, Day Today, Newell Roofing, Greaney Glass, Video Paradiso, F&D Dry Cleaners, Nicos Pizzeria, Calista Beauty, Cunniffe’s Electric, Hanley’s Menswear, Thompsons’ Pub (Athenry), Hughes & Hughes Book Shop, Conneely Furniture, Dunleavy’s, Smyths Toy Shop, McDonalds, The Glass Centre, Galway Cré, Peter Pan, All Star Oil, Maeve Gorman, Grealishs Petrol, Heery Refrigeration, and Western Aquatics.

Thank you to Joe Fahy for designing, printing and donating the tickets. Thank you to Helen and Mike for the cooperation in letting us use Grealishs Pub.

Maeve Gorman is a long time family friend who lost her nephew Kieran, in tower two, on the 11th of September, 2001. When Maeve heard I was collecting money and prizes, she donated a lovely set of pots and pans, which we raffled on the night. Many people were touched in many different ways on the 11th of September, 2001.

Maeve Gormans nephews name was Kieran Gorman. He leaves behind 2 young children under the age of 4 and his wife who is pregnant with their third child. Please remember them in your prayers, and all the people who were affected by this evil.

Thanks again, Rosaleen Fox and Kathleen Boyle