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Public Lighting

Using discretionary County Council monies allocated to him, Councillor Noel Grealish has secured an additional order for public lighting for the areas of Montiagh—formerly allocated 1 new light , it will have three (3)—while two (2) public lighting orders have also issued for the Lakeview Road.

Welcoming the new orders and allocations, Cllr. Grealish said: “the immediate effect of these lights will be to make the roads in the areas of Montagh and Lakeview Road so much safer for pedestrians and those people using them particularly in the early morning and early evening during the winter months. I will be tackling more of these issues in every area during the coming year while I look forward to seeing the new lights installed and working in the near future”.


Now that the roadworks, pathways and signage have been finished it’s a case of a job well done by all those concerned and a particular note of praise is due the County Council officials who were available to take on new ideas and suggestions and proved themselves very flexible in their approach to the job.

“Where the safety of so many schoolchildren, pedestrians and the elderly using the village has been so important at all times, the completed job is a credit to all involved”, Cllr Grealish said.

Notices of Motion

According to Cllr Grealish, the next step in the general improvements of access to and from the village is his introduction of a Notice of Motion asking the County Council to put in footpaths along the roadside on the Western approaches to the village as; “at present there are a huge number of people, including schoolchildren, who have to walk alongside on the hard shoulder of the National Primary route—this situation raises a huge issue and concern over their safety”, he said.

A second notice of motion which will go before the next meeting of the county council is that relating to the request from local people for a right hand turning lane off the N18 at Lydican Junction which is extremely dangerous and has been the scene of a number of road accidents. According to Noel Grealish, “I will be asking the County Council officials to take this in hand immediately and report back to me sooner rather than later as the present arrangement is very worrying for all concerned”, he said.

Progress Report

The proposed traffic island on the Kinsika Road—as sought by Cllr. Grealish at a recent Council meeting—is currently under investigation by Council officials, and he expects to have their findings and report back in the near future.


Using Notice of Motion money, Cllr. Grealish has had the annual problems of roadside flooding at Kiniska tackled by the Council and he is hopeful that the problems that the flooding caused over the years have now been alleviated. He is also delighted to report that this section is to be the subject of a roads resurfacing grant to be available during 2002.


Cllr. Noel Grealish would like to take this opportunity of Wishing you and your families, both here and abroad, a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.

Beannachtaí na Nollaig agus Athbhliain Faoi Mhaise Dhíobh

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