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Claregalway National School held their Green Flag Open Day on Thursday, January 31st last and it was a huge success. Parents and the general community were invited along to see the amount of recycling carried out in the school. The hard work and sheer ingenuity of all involved drew many admiring gasps from spectators—not many of us realised how much could be recycled. We saw robots, football stadiums, carts, riding stables, pencil holders, telephones, tool boxes, doll houses, power plant, CD holders, Claregalway village, Eyre Square blueprint and the list goes on and on—all made from recycable material. It was a thoroughly enjoyable visit and gave us all food for thought. As one logo went recycling is in, so pop it in. Credit goes to Ms. Walsh for initiating the whole concept and for encouraging the children in such a positive way. Recycling will be an everyday occurrence with this generation and we can all learn from them. Well done to all involved.


Pictured are Michael Francis McDonagh, Mary Hoade, Pat Coen (School Principal) and Cllr. Noel Grealish at Claregalway NS Green Flag Open Day.