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Litter Shame

When people think of home, they think of comfort, shelter, food and maybe family. However for animals, and this case cows, they don’t need as much as us. All cows need is a fresh patch of grass.

Sixth class from Claregalway N.S. has recently noticed that a small field beside Nico’s take-away is slowly becoming the rubbish tip of Claregalway! We are guessing that the younger citizens of Claregalway are responsible! We have witnessed irresponsible people flinging rubbish, without thought of the consequences over the wall, despite the fact that there are two bins only a couple of feet away.

The rubbish consists of pizza-boxes, glass, bottles, cans (all of which can be re-cycled) even clothes – believe it or not! The poor creatures living in this “dump” must think this world is a terrible place, especially the tiny calves who think the ground is made of litter! It is unfair to expect the farmer to be responsible for cleaning this ‘mess’ caused by irresponsible people.

Our beautiful village has many historical sites – some are quite near this rubbish tip. It’s once again the time of year that tourists/visitors will be arriving in Claregalway on their way to view the Abbey or The Nine Arches and having them pass by this mess is an utter disgrace!

We are hoping that our article may make people more aware of the littering problem and bring it to an end. It’s our village and we’re proud of it. There are bins – so use them, please!!!

After all – “Beauty Dies Where Litter Lies”.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a common skin infection that occurs between the toes. Around 1 in 6 adults have it at any one time. Some have it for years without doing anything about it, others find it more of a problem, while it is easy to treat with creams, powders and sprays, some people find it keeps coming back.

Athlete’s foot is a skin infection caused by a fungus. It most often affects the skin between the toes, making it scaly, cracked, red or sore. Symptoms may vary from mild to painful and itchy. It can also spread to the soles, heel and sides of the foot.

The infection is spread from person to person, for example sharing shoes or towels. You can also pick it up by walking barefoot in changing rooms at gyms or swimming pools. Some people are more prone to athlete’s foot than others. The fungus thrives in warm moist conditions. Avoiding such conditions will help prevent infection.

The treatment of choice is to use an antifungal cream e.g. Daktarin cream or Lamisil cream. In recent tests Lamisil used once daily for 7 days cured 90% of patients with athlete’s foot. Often the fungus appears to disappear quickly. However it may still be present and it is important to continue treatment after it appears to clear.

Patients with diabetes mellitus, whose blood sugar levels are elevated, are prone to fungal infections and often have difficulty fighting the infection. It is often an indicator for undiagnosed diabetes mellitus.

Tips for healthy feet:
It is best to wash and dry your feet carefully every day, particularly between the toes. Sharing towels, shoes or socks should be avoided. Flip-flops or plastic sandals should be worn in public changing rooms or showers. Avoid letting your feet get warm sweaty and moist, wearing cotton socks can help, frequently changing them when required. Sometimes the fungus can remain in shoes so it is often worth sprinkling athlete’s foot powder into the shoes when you’re not wearing them. If these tips and treatments are unsuccessful then a visit to the doctor is required. Anti-fungal tablets may be required.

John Duffy MPSI Claregalway Pharmacy

Looking for a name for the new hotel currently under construction in Claregalway.

It is adjacent to River Oaks Shopping Centre, behind the pump, near the Fransiscan Abbey, the Castle, the River Clare and the Nine Arches Bridge.

Contact us at Nuacht Chláir with any suggestions.

Prize given for chosen name.

Special News

Congratulations to Martina and Martin Hughes, Summerfield, (also Hughes Supermarket), on the birth of their baby daughter Kathy born on the 3rd April, a little sister for Mark. Hope she is not keeping you awake at night!!

Congratulations to Anita and John Carroll, Lydican Wood, on the birth of their son Malachy, brother for Natasha and Christopher.

Welcome Tom and Marina Tarpey and children John and Davey who moved to Lydacan recently. Wishing you many years of happiness in your new home.

Congratulations also to Marie and Jimmy Duggan, Montiagh on the birth of their baby daughter Aoife, a sister for Aisling.

Congratulations to Kevin and Lorna Hynes, Carnmore on the birth of their baby boy Darragh, brother to Tracey and Patrick.

Congrats to Denise Hynes and Ronnie Walsh, Carnmore on their recent engagement.

Birthday congratulations to Mary Kerrigan, Caherlea, who celebrated here 90th birthday recently.

Birthday greetings to Julia Forde, Cahergowan. A great night was had by all!

Birthday greetings also to Seamus Concannon, Summerfield. Hope you enjoyed the post party celebrations Seamus!!!

Gardener’s World

with Paraic Horkan

Time to plant Summer Flowering Climbers

Summer flowering clematis

  • Large full flowers
  • Masses of large full flowers
  • Fast growing – ideal to cover walls.
  • Easy to grow – flower each year.
  • Super show of colour.
  • Can be mixed with climbing roses.
  • Plant now using Westland nursery stock compost.

Summer flowering scented Honeysuckle

  • Scented flowers all summer– wonderful show of colour
  • Masses of flowers all summer
  • Easy to grow
  • Fast growing
  • Ideal for trellis or arches
  • Can be planted through ivies or existing climbers

Climbing Hydrangeas

  • Hardy, easy to grow climber
  • Large white flowers cover the plant
  • Self clings onto walls or trellis
  • Covers a large area
  • Easy to grow. Trouble free
  • Ideal for seaside or exposed sites

Red Ivy – Virginia Creeper

  • Lovely red autumn colour
  • Fast growing
  • Self clings to walls or trellis
  • Brilliant red colour in autumn / early winter
  • Covers a large area
  • Mix summer flowering clematis and honeysuckle

White Solanumn

  • Super white flowers
  • Easy to grow
  • Lots and lots of flowers from early summer
  • Fast growing ideal to cover trellis or arches
  • Can be mixed with red climbing roses
  • Plant now for good colour this summer

Plantex weed prevention material

  • Plantex – offers you weed protection for your valuable plants.
  • Plantex is a special woven material, which prevents weeds from growing.
  • It allows water and fertiliser to pass through to the plant roots but prevents weeds from growing.
  • Plantex is well worth using when planting Hedges , roses, shrubs, rockery and alpine plants.
  • Plantex should be applied when planting new shrubs or can be used on existing plants.
  • It avoids the use of chemical weed killers and prevents weeds naturally.

Remember – Now is the time to feed all garden plants and climbers with Super Grow Fertiliser

Provide Autumn & Winter Colour By Sowing Seeds NOW…

Hanging Baskets & Containers
Choose the beautiful winter flowering pansies, polyanthus and primulas which will offer you superb colour from October to late April.

Mix some spring flowering bulbs into containers in early September which will reward you with lots of colour in late winter and spring.

Borders & Beds
Choose white and blue forget me nots to sow now, these will add superb colour to borders and beds this coming spring and are so easy to grow. Consider the dwarf sweet Williams which if sown from seed will provide a riot of colour in spring and summer.

Something with scent
Scented wall flowers and brompton stock are a welcome sight in any garden in early spring – simply sow the seeds now in soil outdoors and transplant the young plants in early autumn – Stand back in spring to a superb show of brilliant colour rich in sweet scents.

Remember July is the ideal month to sow border flower seeds for colour in autumn and spring – there is a wide selection to choose from and they are a fun and in expensive way to add lots of colour and fill many gaps.

Your Shopping List For Successful Seed Sowing

For Successful Seed Sowing and Getting The Very Best From Your Plants

  1. Ask for our FREE full colour Flower & Vegetable seed catalogues which is packed with hints and tips on getting the very best from your seeds.
  2. Choose F1 Varieties to get the very best results from your seed.
  3. Pick Different varieties to provide you with longlasting colour all summer – select annual and perennial varieties.
  4. Choose Westland Multi purpose compost for sowing and potting on, Westland offers you the very best blend of compost ingredients for your young plants.
  5. Add PERLITE to your compost for extra results.
  6. Apply a dressing of FUNGICIDE when watering your plants.
  7. Choose and use clear plastic seed trays or module units.
  8. Place the young plants into a polythene tunnel or garden cloche to protect young plants from frost and promote additional growth.
  9. Feed your developing plants with ALGOFLASH liquid fertiliser to encourage larger and more numerous blooms.

Horkan’s Garden Centre

In Galway, Castlebar & Sligo

Call 094 27649, leave your name and address and we will pop this week’s Gardening Facts sheet in the post to you.

Remember the number 094 27649.

In this week’s fact sheet we cover:

  1. Gardening tips for May.
  2. Roses to plant now for summer colour.
  3. Seed sowing for colour in autumn & spring.
  4. Plants to plant now for summer colour.

Remember the number 094 27649. Simply leave your name and address and this weeks Gardening fact sheet will be popped in the post.

Customs, Legends, Pisreoga and Superstitions

It was Saturday 2nd of May and my wife Margaret and I, who both have country origins, were conversing with Martin and Mary, who grew up in the City. As usual in this company, topics were discussed in light- hearted good humour. When Grace enquired about shaking Holy Water on the previous day, our friends looked at her in surprise and curiosity. It was obvious that they hadn’t heard of “Pisreoga” and we told them a few stories relating to them. Mary then prevailed upon me to record some of them for the Nuacht Chláir.

Even 40 year ago, “Pisreoga” were very much part of the Irish Psyche. Evil people could cast spells. Eggs or egg shells found on your property were omnious, as these were placed there by a person wishing you ill luck. Misfortune in many shapes would befall you e.g. if you killed a pig (which was customory in those times), the pig would not bleed and the pork could not therefore be eaten. If you churned, no butter would be produced. I have heard of a litter of pigs born in these circumstances and they resembled rats – the priest was called, who acknowledged the evil, said prayers and the pigs then started to thrive.

May 1st presented people with the opportunity of breaking the “spell” or reversing the “evil”. When I was a youth, on 1st May flowers were gathered and formed on the ground outside our house in the shape of a large crucifix. Others hung them over their door and other still tied small branches onto a branch of a tree. Holy water was then shaken around the home, in the shed and on the farm.

My mother recalls visiting a neighbour’s house as a young girl on the 1st of May and seeing hay ropes burning in the hearth fire – this was to break the “spell” against butter being produced after churning. All of these rituals have long disappeared, except the use of Holy Water which remains, albeit in a diminished form, to this day.

A mile from where I grew up, lies St. Brigid’s Holy Well, named after the godess Brigitta. As a youth, I recall going there on many occasions on pilgrimage. Prayers were recited on the way to the well, around bushes near the well, and on the way home. What made it different from other places of worship was that nearly everyone left a piece of a rag hanging on the nearby bushes for good luck. At present there is only a trickle of pilgrimes to this place on St. Brigid’s Day.

The Bean Siodh, could be seen sitting on a window sill, in the form of an old woman or a bird wailing, before the death of a person living in that house. She cried after people whose surname began with the prefix “O” or “Mc”. The wailing sounded half human/half animal and sounded frightening.

Where did these myths, pisreoga, or whatever you wish to call them, come from and how long are they with us? I would hazard a guess and say that they are with us from Pagan Times in Ireland. Unfortunately, they are fast fading as they are not being passed on to our children and very few of the next generation will have even heard of them. (especially if they do not read the Nuacht Chláir) Is it a pity, or are they only a distraction?

Watch this space next month for a brief “run down” on some of the everyday type of superstitions that you may, or may not be familiar with.

B. McKiernan

Claregalway/Lackagh Community Games 2003

Our local Community Games kicked back into action in early March and since then the Cross-Country has been run, art winners selected, quiz team selected, swimming gala held and indoor soccer county final has been played.

Cross Country
This was held on March 31 in Renmore. Claregalway/Lackagh had Boys & Girls teams entered in all three age groups. The following are the qualifiers from our area to compete in Mosney at the National Finals in May:

Boys U-12 Sean Diskin 3rd

Boys U-13 Donal Conroy, 3rd, Eoin McDonagh, 4th , Martin Duggan 5th.

Girls U-14 Louise Noone, 4th.

Hundreds of entries were received from the schools in the area with the standard rising each year. Winners in each category will represent our area at the County Finals at GMIT on Saturday, May 12th at 10.00am.

Girls U-8 1st Niamh O’Connell, Carnmore, 2nd Rachael Tierie, Cregmore, 3rd Leanne Grealish, Carnmore

Girls U-10 1st Niamh Gill, Coolarne, 2nd Michaela McDermott, Claregalway, 3rd Joint Laura Loftus, Coolarne and Aideen Connolly, Cregmore.

Girls U-12 1st Becky Gilmore, Bawnmore, 2nd Aideen Brown, Cregmore, 3rd Laura McHugh, Claregalway.

Girls U-14 1st Eithne Brennan, Claregalway (Unable to attend County Final) 2nd Claire Kearney, Bawnmore (representing area), 3rd Joint Amy Forde and Anna Moran, both Bawnmore.

Boys U-8 1st Cathal Evans, Claregalway, 2nd Gregory Hughes, Claregalway, 3rd Kevin Brennan, Claregalway.

Boys U-10 1st Jonathan Carton, Claregalway, 2nd Jamie Monaghan, Claregalway, 3rd Richard Commins, Claregalway.

Boys U-12 Ryan Harrington, Claregalway, 2nd Jason Holland, Cregmore, 3rd Paul Kearns, Cregmore.

Boys U-14 1st Emmet Farrell, Claregalway, 2nd Keith McDermott, Claregalway, 3rd Michael Evans, Claregalway.

In early March and U-14 mixed quiz team was selected as follows: Colm Brennan,

Paul Curley, Gary Rohan, Sarah Curley, Liam Dolan and David Morris.

They travelled to Labane for the County Final on April 5th and finished in 4th place.

This years gala was held in Tuam on Monday 21st April. Again, the winners in each event will compete at County level on June 2nd in Leisureland.

Girls U-10 Freestyle and Backstroke 1st Aisling O’Dea

Girls U-12 Freestyle 1st Angela O’Connor, 2nd Ciara Newell, 3rd Rachel Farrell

Breastroke 1st Ciara Newell, 2nd Angela O’Connor, 3rd Eimear Joyce

Girls U-14 Freestyle 1st Ciara Joyce, 2nd Emily O’Connor, 3rd Helen Egan

Breastroke 1st Ciara Joyce, 2nd Helen Egan, 3rd Emily O’Connor

Backstroke 1st Ciara Joyce, 2nd Emily O’Connor, 3rd Helen Egan

Girls U-16 Freestyle, Breastroke and Butterfly 1st Ciara Duggan

Boys U-10 Freestyle 1st Ross Duggan, 2nd Darren Hennessy, 3rd Darren Hurney

Backstroke 1st Darren Hennessy, 2nd Ross Duggan, 3rd Darren Hurney

Boys U-12 Freestyle and Breastroke 1st Stephen O’Dea

Boys U-14 Freestyle 1st John Egan, 2nd Kieran Hennessy, 3rd Colin Duggan

Breastroke 1st John Egan, 2nd Kieran Hennessy, 3rd Colin Duggan

Backstroke 1st John Egan, 2nd Colin Duggan, 3rd Kieran Hennessy

Indoor Soccer
An U-13 Boys Soccer team was selected and played in the County Blitz on Saturday May 3rd. These boys made their way into the semi-final. Knocknacarra proved to be too strong for Claregalway/Lackagh beating them 4-1.

Sports Day
Our annual sports day will be held in Coolarne pitch on Tuesday 13th May at 6.00pm. Entry Fee Euro2. Registration will take place from 5.30pm. As time is limited, we would very much appreciate if you would bring with you a copy of your childs birth certificate as all winners will be entered into the County Finals for 7th and 8th June.

We will also require their signature on that evening.

Other Information
Teams have been forwarded for Badminton U-15 Mixed, Basketball U-13 and U-15 Boys and Girls, Volleyball Girls U-16, and Draughts U-10 Mixed. County fixtures have already been set for all of these activities except Volleyball.

Selection is in process presently for Hurling Boys U-13, Football U-10, Camogie Girls U-14, and Soccer Boys U-12. We also hope to enter a few individuals in the Gymnastics events.

To our disappointment we learned recently that the fee for Mosney this year has been increased to €120 per child/manager. This covers their travel, food and accommodation.

The dates set down this year are Weekend 1…16-19th May,

Weekend 2
15-18th August

Weekend 3
22-25th August

Claregalway Leisure Centre

The committee of Claregalway Leisure Centre are delighted to announce that approval has been gven to them for a grant towards the cost of refurbishing the toilets and showers and the kitchen in the Centre. We have been waiting for over a year to hear this good news, it is very welcome. The amount awarded is €29,000, or 50% of the total cost, whichever is the lowest. While this is a substantial sum of money, the committee will still have to fund the remainder, and it is likely that some further fundraising will have to be undertaken. The committee are currently deciding on a plan of action, but are optimistic that work can commence in July and August, which is the slow season for the Centre. It is hoped to have all refurbishment completed so as to minimise disruption to the season, which normally starts in September. The refurbishments will add greatly to the comfort of people using the Centre, and will include new showers and toilets, a disabled toilet, and a new kitchen. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all present and past members of the committee for their hard work and committment, and the sub-comittee for all the effort that went into planning and preparing the submission.. A plan for the development of the Irish laguage was also submitted with the application, and the committee hope to work on this in the coming months.

Siobhan Lynskey

Claregalway Youth Club

The Youth Club offers a wide variety of sports and activities for over 12’s. We plan monthly outings such as bowling, cinema, etc. We meet up Saturday nights from 7-8.30 p.m. We run a non-profit shop with stuff ranging from 5c to 75c . It finishes in June so try it out for a few weeks and if you enjoy it come back in September!

Youth Club Member


Muscular aches and pains are a common affliction caused either by physical over exertion or by psychological stress and strain. Many people, for example, carry tension in their necks and shoulders which over a period of time causes the muscles to become tight and painful.

Muscular aches and pains respond well to a good massage using analgesic oils.

For further information, please contact Evelyn kitt 087 6783733.

Carnmore National School Special Olympics Fundraiser

The children of Carnmore National School present a cheque to Brendan Moran, Special Olympics host town Galway co-ordinatior of the UK team; and Jo Vahey of the Host Town Committee. The 161 children at the school undertook a variety of fundraising activities to raise a total of €2,860 for the Special Olympics. Junior and Senior Infants dressed up as characters from nursery rhymes, while other classes held raffles, cake sales, quizzes and dressing up days. Children took part in hurling and football blitzes, penalty shoot-outs, and even wore their uniforms inside-out to raise sponsorship for the Host Town programme!

The Environment

My name is ‘Couldn’t care less’, just let the forests die.

My name is ‘Can’t be bothered’, who cares about holes in the sky?

My name is ‘I’m too busy’, let someone else do the worrying,

There’s nothing that I can do if the ice caps are wearing thin.

My name is ‘Leave me alone’,

just don’t go preaching to me.

Gossip is what I care about not oil that’s spilt in the sea.

My name is ‘I’m all right Jack’,

there’s really no cause for alarm.

Hens are silly birds, who cares if they suffer at the factory farm.

Who cares about global warming?

I like a spot of hot weather.

My name is ‘Sit on the fence’,

my name is ‘All of a dither’.

So stop saying what I should think,

I don’t want to believe what I’m told.

My name is ‘Hope it will go away’,

my name is ‘Don’t get involved’.

And who do you think you are,

telling us all we should worry?



Brian Moses


To say I was disappointed when the bottle banks were taken away from Claregalway would be an understatement. They served a great purpose in that people were actually using them for recycling, but sadly the site was not appropriate for the banks, and so they had to be removed. Will we get them back? It depends on you, the people of Claregalway, to voice your opinion. Do we want them back? Are we into recycling? Are we interested in any way as to what happens? Do we care at all? As forementioned in previous issues of Nuacht Chláir, we are all part of the community – we all have a voice, so please use it. Get in contact with Galway County Council and state your views. Claregalway is entering an exciting time development-wise and we can all be of part shaping our town (as it will be). Our future depends on you. For instance, you can have a say in what the new hotel in Claregalway will be named. Go for it!.

Until next time, Josette.

Reflections of an Unheralded Evening

The days of plain living are over. The following is a reflection of an unheralded evening and cherished birthday memories of a dearly loved local, Julia Forde of Claregalway.

The Venue: Summerfield Restaurant, Claregalway.

Under the superb management of proprieters Coirle and Kevin, the restaurant has taken on a whole new look. With creations from local artists adorning the walls, soft background music, excellent food and praiseworthy service from Nora, the evening rendered was proper and tasteful.

Josephine Delahunty

To My Child

I give you life, but I cannot live it for you.

I can teach you things, but I canot make you learn.

I can give you directions, but I cannot be there to lead you.

I can allow you freedom, but I cannot account you for it.

I can take you to church, but I canot make you pray.

I can teach you right from wrong, but I cannot always decide for you.

I can buy you beautiful things, but I cannot make you beautiful inside.

I can offer you advice, but I accept it for you.

I can give you love, but I cannot force it upon you.

I can teach you to share, but I cannot make you unselfish.

I can advise you about friends, but I cannot choose them for you.

I can teach you respect, but I cannot force you to show honour.

I can advise you about sex, but I cannot keep you pure.

I can tell you the facts of life, but I cannot build your reputation.

I can tell you about drink, but I canot say no for you.

I can warn you about drugs, but I cannot prevent you from using them.

I can tell you about lofty goals, but I cannot achieve them for you.

I can teach you about kindness, but I cannot force you to be gracious.

I can warn you about sins, but I cannot make your morals.

I can love you as a child, but I cannot place you in God’s family.

I can pray for you, but I cannot make you walk with God.

I can teach you about Jesus, but I cannot make Jesus your Lord.

I can tell you how to live, but I cannot give you eternal life.

Author unknown.

Claregalway Basketball Club

U-9 Girls
Coach: Patricia Newell.
Assistant Coach: Niamh Hughes.

The under 9 girls ended the season in triumphant form by winning a tournament held on the 6th of April. Other teams included Ballinrobe, Oughterard and Maree. The home team won all their games and met Ballinrobe in the final. The girls led all the way and stormed home to victory.

Team: Nicola Conlon, Aislinn Newell, Sinead Harte, Jennifer Carroll, Orla Dixon, Jennifer O’Dowd, Shauna Doyle, Nicole Walshe, Georgina Healy (Captain), Nicole Roche, Sarah Burke.

U-9 Boys
Coaches: Cormac Evans/Paul Flanagan.
Assistant Coach: Gary Giles.

The under 9 boys entered two strong teams and joined with two teams from Maree and one from Moycullen to have a very exciting tournament. One of the Claregalway teams was narrowly beaten in the semi-final by Moycullen but the second home team went on to beat Moycullen in a thrilling final coming from behind at half time to win by 7 points in the end, thereby ensuring victory for both teams.

Team: Connor Foy, Brian Noone, Jamie Monahan, Owen Dooley, Connor Ryder, Kevin Brennan, Darragh Moylan, Liam Brennan, Mark Coyle, Ryan Murray, Cathal Evans, Darren Hennessy, Ryan Flanagan, Luke Bartlay, Christopher Carroll, Mark Rohan, Cian Ryder, Michael Coyle, Shauna Doyle, Ronan Nash, Manus Duggan, David McCann, Evan McGuire, Richard Commins.

U-11 Boys
Liam Egan.
Assistant Coach: Anthony Hughes.

The under 11 boys under the guidance of Liam Egan made club history by winning the under 11 Juvenile League County Final for the second year in a row. This took place on Sunday 13th April in Claregalway Leisure Centre. In the play-off’s Corrandulla, Maree, Moyculle, Oughterard and Claregalway all played each other and the top two teams Claregalway and Maree played against each other in a very exciting final. Maree led going into half-time but the determination and fighting spirit of the Claregalway lads led them to a 1 point victory at full-time.

Team: Sean Diskin, Stephen Fee, Eoghan Commins, Emmett Feeney, Shane Divilly, Jonathan Healy, Liam Egan (Coach), Paul Fahey, Matthew Duggan, John Evans, Ciaran Harte, Shane Broderick.

U11 Girls
Coaches: Mike Murray/Maura Harte.
Assistant Coaches: Nicola Newell, Hannah Coen.

Two teams were entered into the Galway Juvenile County League, which consisted of 12 teams from Galway and Mayo. One team went to Oughterard for the first stage of the play-off’s on Saturday 29th March. Here they showeed great determination on reaching the semi-final stages. The second team played on Sunday 30th March in the second stage and won all their games, thereby ensuring them a place in the final against Maree. In the final the Claregalway girls played gallantly and were unlucky on the day losing to Maree who were the worthy winners.

Team: Meadbh O’Dowd, Aiden Naughton, Helen Moran, Erika Nathenway, Alexis Giwa, Aoife Greally, Amy Rohan, Deirdre Brennan, Ciara Newell, Lauren Murray, Aine Brennan and Mascot Ava Murray.

U-13 Girls
Coaches: Maura Harte, Ann Brennan, Mike Murray.
Assistant Coaches: Ciara Broderick, Hannah Coen.

Two teams travelled to Gort on Sunday 27th April to play in the Galway Juvenile County League play-off. The girls who travelled on the day were Beau Holland, Fiona Griffin, Claire Corcoran, Deirdre Commins, Nicola Reidy, Claire Kearney, Sinead Feeney, Amy Forde, Patricia Moran, Auveen Greaney, Aoife Harte, Eithne Brennan, Helen Egan, Valerie Noone, Niamh Diskin, Aoife McHugh, Siobhan McGuire, Katie O’Riodan and Ciara Newell. The girls showed great spirit but it was not to be their day.

U-13 Boys
James McDonagh, Tony Crean.
Team: Adam Duffy, David Morris, Colm Brennan, Stephen Nally, Andrew Brennan,Michael Evans, Peter Divilly, Robert Dooley, Sean Kearney, Gary Rohan, Liam Foy, Imran Ahmad, Hubert Newell, Patrick Coen.

The Under 13 boys played recently in a Tournament in Maree. Claregalway went into this confidently after having conceeded only 1 match all season. In the group games Claregalway overcame Moycullen and Barna comfortably and qualified for the semi finals against Maree.

Claregalway started off well but unfortunately it was not to be their day and were narrowly beaten byh only 2 points. Final score 15:13 to Maree. Never mind lads, you did us proud!

Summer and we’ll see you again in the Autumn – brim full of energy and raring to go!!

U-15 Girls
Nicky Broderick, Mary Glynn.
Team: Aine McLoughlin, Aoife Flynn, Nicola Newell, Niamh Greaney, Sarah Faller, Darina Costello, Niamh Greally, Louise Noonan, Siobhan Crow, Caroline Kearney, Rosanna Duggan, Michelle Quinn, Marianne Craven, Molly Killilea, Rose Griffin and Aoife Cummins.

The under 15 girls had a successful season winning the annual Claregalway U-15 tournament. They participated in the Galway U-15 tournament in Ballinrove, performing extremely well but were unfortunate not to progress to the finals. The dedication of the girls throughout the season showed in their performances at each game. We look forward to another great season next year. Michelle Rohan, PRO

Seán Kelly R.I.P.

The death of Sean Kelly, a native of Cloon, Claregalway, marked the end of an era and caused widespread sadness in the local community and beyond. An tUasal O Ceallaigh who was principal of Craughwell N.S. for thirty-three years, represented the very best of Irish primary teaching and is described by past pupils as having been totally in that tradition of the gentleman and the scholar.

Sean O’Ceallaigh was bornon February 25, 1916 to a family steeped in the traditions of all that is Gaelic. His father spoke Irish all the time , while his mother spoke both languages with equal facility. Both his parents had an outstanding knowledge of Irish folklore, history, poetry and music which Sean inherited and subsequently passed on to his family and pupils.

In St. Patrick’s Training College he was secretary of An Cumann Gaelach, a debating society. He graduated in 1936 and was awarded the Art Teastas na Gaelach in 1938, a rarely conferred qualification.

is father’s influence also whetted his interest in Raftery and the Callanan poets and in 1965 the thesis that brought him his M.A. degree with first class honours, was entitled ‘Filiocht na gCallanan’ and later published in book form.

During his chairmanship of the Local Development and Tidy Towns Comittee he was instrumental in the refurbishment of the poets’ graves in Killeeneen, composing the transcripts on both plaques, while organising the placing of a statue of Raftery in the village of Craughwell.

His love for the Irish language was reflected in his bilingual concelebrated Requiem Mass in St. Colman’s Church, with Bishop James McLoughlin in attendance.

His eldest son Rev. Fr. Brendan, Chief Celebrant recalled his dad’s deep faith and how both his parents had made the local Church their second home. His moving homily with beautiful descriptive Irish phrases highlighted his father’s love for Craughwell, it’s culture and people since he came to teach there on May 3rd, 1948, and how he could ream off verses of poetry to the end!

The local colours which draped his coffin and the Guard of Honour, reflected his interest in GAA affairs which goes back to his school days when he was secretary of the GAA club in the ‘Bish’ and his sponsorship along with Fr. Michael Hanniffy, of the heroic Craughwell juvenile team of 1948. Hon. Vice-President of Craughwell Club up to his death, he was a much heralded secretary of the ‘Gilligan Memorial Committee’, in the 1950’s.

In 1962, thanks to Sean and the committee Craughwell could boast that they were virtually the first rural parish in Ireland to have a level playing pitch which would honour all the great Craughwell hurlers of the past.

Past pupils recall how Sean gave his spare time unstintingly to them – after hours and at weekends. In the late 50’s however his interests were not confined to education or GAA.

He helped the late Canon Michael get Macra na Feirme off the ground, attending the inaugural meeting in St. Michael’s Hall and went on to manage a very active and talented Dramatic Society.

At his retirement ceremony in 1981, Mrs. Bridie Conroy, N.T. described Mr. Kelly as a teacher of very high calibre – ‘not alone did he teach by using the usual methods – blackboards, chalk, and books, he also used his own life by giving good example.’

As Chairman of the Local Development Committee one of his most important taskes was in locating a site for a new cemetery. Along with Fr. Coen and Bridie Conroy he went to see the then Co. Manager, John Howlett to discuss the situation. Following Requiem Mass on Monday, the site he obtained from Frank Hallinan in Ballymore, became his final resting place.

Sincere sympathy is extended to his daughters, Mary, Ann, Brid and Ita; to sons Fr. Brendan, Tom, Drs. Seamus and Finian and Pat who is Principal of Ballymana N.S., also to his daughter-sin-law, sons-in-law and grandchildren.