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Claregalway is Awarded Public Artwork

Under the percent for art scheme, through the water services section of Galway County Council, Claregalway has been awarded an artwork for the town. The Claregalway Amenity group have been involved in the commission and sat on the adjudication panel for the selection of the Artwork in June 2004. The piece selected was called Arch and the Artist is Robert McColgan. Robert is one of Ireland’s leading Artists and is a lecturer of sculpture in DIT. Robert has been commissioned to carry out the artwork and many of his artworks can be seen throughout the County including Tur in Belmullet, Co. Mayo, Millennium Cone in Bray Co Wicklow, Beehives commission near the Balbriggan Bypass in Dublin, Doon Commission near the Portlaoise Bypasss, Co Laois.

Arch, a welcome arch in satin and mirror polish steel was Roberts’ response to this very open site, as a foil to the existing stonework arches, to mark the entrance to the town, and to join together the two parts of the site. The need to greet people be they motorists or pedestrians as they move along the road both ways, is the core dynamic interaction and interest. The completion principle is employed to visually crossover using the density and disposition of the clusters in each joining across the void. This adds interest to the work, will make it memorable as an icon and a symbol for Claregalway.

Robert will be doing workshops in the School and will be meeting local children to discuss the artwork and what it is all about. If anyone would like to attend the artist talk please contact the Amenity Group. Details of his visit will be published in our next edition and in the parish newsletter. In the meantime, a model of the Artwork is on display in the local school if anyone would like to view it. It is not an exact replica of the artwork but it will give an idea of how the piece will eventually look.

Galway County Council would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the local Amenity Group who have been very supportive and enthusiastic about this project. We would also like to thank the School and our Local Representative, who have supported the project.

Amenity Group Committee: Josette Farrell (Chairperson), Sean Harte, Larry King, Celia Lennon, Seamus OConnell, Rose Kavanagh, Josie Concannon,

A Tribute to Paul Fleming

Chairman of Claregalway Agricultural Show for six years and Vice Chairman until his death on January 14th last.

Without a shadow of doubt Paul Fleming was one of the most enthusiastic members of the show committee. His energy and dedication to the show was unsurpassed in his years as Director, Chairman and Vice Chairman. He gave freely of his time and energy to “get the show on the road” every year and even when his health began to deteriorate he continued to collect sponsorship and kept a keen interest in the running of the show.

Those who attended Paul’s Funeral Mass will have heard Fr. Noel, in his homily, describe him as charming, generous, caring, fun loving and hard working. This was how the members of the show committee saw him too. He loved the show and had a huge interest in horses and ponies. He worked tirelessly in the weeks coming up to the show every year to get it organised and help was always on hand when Paul was around. Paul encouraged everyone he knew to be involved in the show – from his own family to his and Celia’s extended families, neighbours, friends and just about anybody who was available. He had a great attitude towards helping out and getting a job done – he didn’t believe in wasting time talking about it! He never accepted “no” for an answer!

The show committee was indeed privileged to have had such a loyal member and we will all miss him. We are grateful to Paul for everything he did for the show and we will try to maintain the standard he helped to set.

May he rest in peace.

The officers and members of the show committee extend their deepest sympathy to his wife Celia, his daughters Stella & Maura and to their extended families, neighbours and friends.

Welcome for V.E.C. Sports Grants

The Chairman of the Oranmore Electoral Area Local Councllor Jarlath McDonagh has welcomed the fact that Co. Galway V.E.C. have allocated Grant Aid to a number of organisations within the Claregalway-Carnmore Area.

Cllr. McDonagh says that not alone will the grants be of financial assistance to the groups and organisations concerned but it is recognition for the wonderful work being done by the various clubs and organisations involve.d He says he is extremely pleased that the following groups are included in the Co. Galway V.E.C. Youth & Sport Grants:

  • The 9 Arches Musical Society
  • Bawnmore National School
  • Claregalway Scout Association
  • Carnmore Juvenile Hurling Club
  • Claregalway Junior Badminton
  • Claregalway/Lackagh Community Games
  • Cregmore Soccer Club

Cllr. McDonagh says that it is great to see the V.E.C. are pro-active in the Claregalway/Carnmore area and indeed throughout the length and breadth of the County. he pays tribute to the C.E.O. and the V.E.C. for the promotion not alone of education but also for the assistance they are giving to sports and cultural events in the county.

“All you need to know about Aromatherapy”

It is a great natural way to relieve stress and give yourself an instant sense of wellbeing.

We are all confused by the vast number of aromatherapy oils with exotic sounding names that are on sale in most shops nowadays. Using pure natural ingredients to make yourself feel better seems like such a nice idea but where do you begin?

The good news is that aromatherapy doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

How it Works
Essential oils come from the pedals, root, stem and foliage of various flowers and plants.

The most common way to use them is in a bath or massage. When the essential oils come in contact with the skin, some of it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Inhaling oils can be effective too, especially for colds and flu. But as well as relieving your physical symptons, the calming effects of aromatherapy can also help with emotional problems.

Where to Buy the Oils
Extracting essential oils from plants is a specialised process. Huge quantities of the plant are needed – for example – it takes the petals from about 30 roses to produce just one drop of rose essential oil. This explains whey those little bottles of rose oil, may seem rather expensive. Health shops and many chemists now stock a vast range of different oils – either pure or ready diluted in a carrier oil. Make sure that you know which type you are buying and refer to the label which should say it’s a concentrated essential oil.

For further information, please contact Evelyn Kitt 087 6783733.

Update from local Councillor, Jim Cuddy

Traffic Islands on the N17 and N18
Some time ago when road works were being done on the N 17 (Tuam Rd.) the traffic islands were covered over. Since then I have made a number of requests to Galway Co. Co. to replace them particularly at the junction of the Rockwood, Cregboy and Kinniska Rd.The reason given for not replacing them was that the council are examining the possibility of a bus corridor along the Tuam Rd. and also the fact that there is a high financial cost involved. Since there is no immediate sign of such bus corridors I have asked the council to immediately address the danger at the junctions above and I have been assured that my request will be taken up with the NRA. Many requests have also been made for a traffic island at the junction of the N18 with the Lydican Rd. This junction has been the scene of many traffic accidents, some serious, and the council are now actively looking into this.

Request for extension of foot paths and lighting
I had a notice of motion question down for the County Council meeting on January 24th.

requesting that the footpaths and public lighting on both approaches to Claregalway along the N 17 be extended. As it is at the moment, it is very dangerous for parents and young children walking into Claregalway. I have now been informed that this matter will be discussed with the NRA and will be considered in the light of any future developments in the area in consultation with the NRA.

Additional Lighting
The Council have placed orders with the ESB at my request for additional lighting from my notice of motion fund at Montiagh, Gortadooey, Sliabhfin, Gortacleva and School Rd. Those lights should be in position in the very near future and will be welcomed by all. I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the local ESB personnel for all their help.

Metric Speed Limits
By now the new metric speed limits are in place on all roads. While the speed limits on the side roads have been reduced by about 10 miles I am still not satisfied that they are sufficiently low for the safety of those living along these roads. The matter was discussed at length at the Council meeting on the 24th. January and the question of further reducing the speed limits on the side roads is to be discussed with local consultation shortly. The view that I am getting from an increasing number of people is that a 50 KM limit should be put on the side roads rather than 80 KM. I have further requested the council to seriously look at reducing the speed limits at our schools to 30 KM while children are going to and from school. There is provision in the new regulations for my suggestion and I hope to follow it up.

Request for funding for sports and recreation
Recently I asked the council to provide funding for our local sporting and recreation bodies from money that is collected from development funds. The reply was that following the adoption of the Local Claregalway Plan which it is hoped will be adopted now on the 14th. February that the council will be examining the acquisition of lands to facilitate recreation and amenity development . It would be intended to take a community based partnership approach to the development of facilities having regard to available funding.

As usual I can be contacted any day or evening at 087 6360242 or 091 798136

Grealish Seeks Public Meeting with ESB Over Power Line

Progressive Democrats TD for Galway West Noel Grealish is calling on management at the ESB to attend a public meeting to discuss the proposed power line running close to the village of Claregalway.

Deputy Grealish says local residents are understandably concerned about the ESB plans and are anxious to meet with management to voice their fears.

The ESB is proposing to run a high voltage power line from Cashla in Athenry to Castlebar, Co. Mayo, which will pass close to the village of Claregalway. There has been no public consultation on the issue, and Deputy Grealish is therefore seeking a public meeting with the ESB on behalf of local residents.

‘Claregalway is a rapidly expanding suburb of Galway city and has witnessed a population surge of 48% in recent years. There is considerable public concern among the residents of Claregalway, regarding the proposed power line and the effects that this may have on their health, their families and the value of their homes,’ says Noel Grealish TD.

Deputy Grealish has written to the ESB requesting that a senior representative from the company attend a public meeting in Claregalway as soon as possible to advise residents on details of this proposal, address public concerns and answer any questions that residents may have.’

Eugene Horan

A 22 -year old Claregalway man is heading to Hollywood with his sights set on being the next big thing.

Eugene Horan, formerly of Summerfield and son of Marie and Owen, recently won two awards at an acting awards ceremony in Los Angeles, and has eight acting agents on his trail, including the agency responsible for casting Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio. Horan, a gym instructor at the Great Southern Hotel, was one of the select few who were chosen to represent Ireland at the International Modelling and Talent Assocation acting convention in L.A. California. He picked up two prestigious awards including third place as ‘Actor of the Year’ from the 10,500 competitors, and also another third place for ‘Best Commercial’.

The young Claregalway man is setting his sights high and plans to move to Los Angeles as soon as he is finished working on the production ‘Ghosts of Erin’. “I want to go to the top with it and L.A is the place to be,” he said.

You can see Eugene in action in the ‘Ghosts of Erin’, which will be in cinemas shortly.

Interior Design – Hints & Tips

Lighting up your Living Room
There is more to lighting than a central ceiling light in the middle of the room, backed up by a wall or table lamp. Lighting can give general background light, highlight items such as pictures or ornaments, create atmosphere, or provide a clear working light. It is also important from a safety point of view. The living room caters a variety of activities; from reading to entertaining guests; watching TV to doing homework, so special attention should be given to lighting it. Good lighting is about flexibility, i.e. combining feature, task (reading or study), and mood lighting. With light you can draw attention to the best features of a room and away from any faults.

Assessing your needs
If it’s possible, plan your lighting before you decorate. Although sometimes you have to make decisions about the position of sockets and switches along time before you have to decide on where the furniture, etc. is going. Draw a plan of the room (doesn’t have to be a work of art), mark in such features such as windows, doors, fireplace, built-in shelving etc. Also sketch in the furniture layout, where the TV and hi-fi system is going. This will help you decide where sockets, switches, lighting fixtures are going. Consider what activities will be going on in the room and what type of lighting would be the most appropriate. Most living rooms are multifunctional and clever lighting can make it look like more than one room, by lighting areas in different ways and allowing one area to light up separately from the rest.

Make sure there is a balance of light throughout the room and that there are no dark areas. You may want to highlight some feature in the room such as a marble fireplace or to draw attention away from bad plasterwork. Will young children be using the room? If so, always use safety plugs; make sure hot bulbs are out of reach; table or floor lamps are stable; and avoid trailing cables. In the living room, you will want a different mood from e.g. the kitchen or bedroom, so allow for this in your plan. Try to have the selection of fittings complement the style of the room. In your lighting plan allow for changes to be made to the room in the future without too much trouble. Have enough freestanding light fittings that can be moved around, to suit new functions. Last but not least, don’t forget your budget. If you know what you’re going to spend before you start, it will stop costs getting out of control and you’ll be happy with the final result. Even if a lighting fixture is beyond your means, you can probably find a cheaper alternative if you give it some thought.

Type of lighting
Once you know what your lighting needs are, it is time to choose the fittings. No matter style you go for, it’s the performance of the fitting that comes first rather than its decorative value. Will the light cast be suitable and will it fall in the right place.

Background lighting takes over from daylight in the evening and it forms the foundation for the lighting scheme in the room. This type of lighting is usually provided by ceiling or wall fixtures, which are switched on at the door. Installing a dimmer switch can control the overall level of background light. Using a dimmer can also create different moods in a room. The ceiling light can be a pendant; recessed; or ceiling mounted. The pendant (centre of the ceiling) is the most common type, it can cast a ‘deadening’ light but this can be overcome with the dimmer. When using downlights, you may need several to provide an all-over background effect. Downlighters can be surface-fixed to the ceiling, semi-recessed, or fully recessed. Wall mounted fixtures make good background lighting with their subtle, diffused glow. They come in modern or traditional styles and they can throw light up, down, or out.

On its own background lighting can be harsh, but with local and task lighting it becomes an adaptable system. Local light adds to the general lighting in a room, by setting the mood, defining different areas, and help the various activities. You can use a combination of lamps, sidelights, uplighters, and accent spots in a scheme to create overlapping pools of light, making the room seem larger. The direction of light is also important, for example, table lamps throw out a cosy circle of light and can lead the eye from point to point across the room. Pinpoint fine features with spotlights, which angle beams of light up, down, or across areas.

Now that you have set up atmospheric lighting in the living room, don’t forget task lighting to cater for the different activities that take place. Watching TV in a darkened room with a single bright light is bad for you eyes. You need a soft background light, which could be a lamp placed behind the set. Also avoid other lights in the room reflecting off the screen. For reading, the light should fall on the page from above and behind. Use a table lamp to one side or a floor lamp behind your chair. Use a desk light for doing intense work, and a downlighter or reflected light from a spotlight if playing the piano.

Artificial lighting can be used decoratively to alter the effect of colour and shift the room’s focal point. It can double the value of colours, shapes, patterns, and textures in the room’s décor, if used right. It should complement your colour scheme and furnishings. A pastel scheme with shiny surfaces will need less light (light will reflect off the surfaces) than a darker one with matt surfaces, where light is absorbed. An object lit from above can have a dramatic effect or light coming from below creates a striking silhouette e.g. a floor uplighter behind a large houseplant. Glassware, lit from below or behind, arranged on glass shelves also create dramatic effect. Spotlights are particularly effective when the source is concealed e.g. behind a wooden display cabinet or bookshelf. A lampshade that complements the room’s décor scheme can also be used.

Buying Lighting
Before you buy a lamp or other fittings, see it lit up to see its effect. Shade colours change when the light is on. Make sure that the shade suits the bulb, because powerful bulbs can scorch paper and fabric shades. Measure the diameter the table or cabinet before buying a table lamp and make sure a pendant light doesn’t take the head off a taller member of the family. Before you leave the shop, make sure you know how it works and how to replace the bulbs etc. Safety come first when dealing with lighting. Wiring or rewiring work is professional work and must be carried out by a qualified electrician. Make sure all plugs are wired safely. Don’t over load power points; avoid trailing flexes; don’t run cable under a carpet and if necessary fit floor sockets.

Lighting is important in the room’s overall décor, it is possible to spend a lot of money an carpets, curtains, furniture, hours of time and a great deal of energy creating a beautiful room but to end up disappointed because the lighting let you down.

Mary D. Kelly
Decorating Options
(091) 798224.

Special News

Congratulations to Helen Cuddy, Carnmore (daughter of Margaret and Councillor Jim) who got engaged to Declan Hughes of Crossmolina in December 2004

Congratulations to Liz and Mike Hession, Summerfield who celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary recently.

Mary Lillis, Cahergowan (December 2004)
Baby Emma Concannon, Summerfield (11th January 2005)
Paul Fleming, Cregboy (14th January 2005)


Traffic congestion continues to be a problem in Claregalway and I think at this stage we should all be asking ourselves “what is my contribution to the problem”? Life is a compromise – there is a way around every problem. We now know that the number of vehicle movements in Claregalway daily are 29,000 and rising. Our journeys to the local shops etc. are being dictated to by traffic, our lifestyles are being dictated to by traffic and we all talk but do nothing about it! Perhaps now is the time to take action. One thing we could all do is create awareness nationally about traffic congestion in Claregalway. One way of doing this is by contacting AA Roadwatch who give daily reports on traffic delays – 087-9726000 or 1850 542 542 (email [email protected]).

It is heartening to know that community activists elsewhere are working on the problem. West-On-Track is a community-based campaign in the towns, villages and cities of the West of Ireland aimed at re-opening the Western Rail Corridor, which stretches from Sligo to Limerick and will run through Charlestown, Swinford, Kiltimagh, Claremorris, Ballindine, Milltown, Tuam, Ballyglunin, Athenry, Oranmore and Galway. The lack of infrastructure in the west is obvious and the re-opening of the rail corridor would certainly help alleviate the traffic problem – the tracks are there – they just need upgrading. Don’t sit on the fence – give your voice!

Until next time,

Claregalway 2005 Festival of Drama

Friday 11th March – Saturday 19th March

This year’s annual Claregalway Festival of Drama will begin on Friday March 11th and run until Saturday March 19th. The Community Centre Hall has been booked and the plays selected. The festival committee is hard at work with the final preparations for this hugely popular festival.

The festival opens with Claregalway’s own Compántas Lir performing George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, a comedy in which Henry Higgins tries to teach Eliza Doolittle to speak like a lady. KATS from Knockcarra will perform Mary Chase’s Harvey, also a comedy about Elwood P Dowd and his best friend Harvey, a 6′ 1″ tall white rabbit. DADS from Dunmore will perform Brian Friel’s Philadelphia Here I Come. Groups from Clare, Cork, Tipperary and Wexford are also performing.

The Committee looks forward the usual high level of support for all the groups performing at the Festival. Don’t forget to put the dates in your social diary.

Friday 11th Pygmalion By G B Shaw (Confined) Compántas Lir

Saturday 12th “The San Patricios” By Jim Minogue (Open) The Nenagh Players

Sunday 13th Educating Rita By William Russell (Open) Shoestring Theatre Co.

Monday 14th Philadelphia Here I Come By Brian Friel (Confined) D.A.D.S.

Tuesday 15th Harvey By Mary Chase (Open) K.A.T.S.

Wednesday 16th The Man from Clare By John B Keane (Confined) Kilrush DG (Wexford)

Thursday 17th Blithe Spirit By Noel Coward (Confined) Glenamaddy Players

Friday 18th The Wake By Tom Murphy (Open) Palace Players

Saturday 19th Red Roses and Petrol By Joseph O’Connor (Confined) Doonbeg D.G.

Curtain up 8.30 p.m. sharp (except final night at 8.00 sharp)

Mary McCarthy PRO.

Carnmore Hurling Club

The Carnmore Hurling Club held it’s A.G.M on Sunday evening 9th January in the community centre. The meeting was very positive and was well attended. Outgoing chairman Johnny Greaney thanked all team managers selectors and players for their dedication at all grades. He also thanked the club officers for their hard work and commitment to the club during the year. He especially thanked treasurer Mary Davoren and her lotto committee for the very successful lotto and other fundraisers. He also thanked secretary Danny Potter and deligate to county board Malachy Hanley for their great help to him during the year. He also thanked Noel Grealish of the Glass Centre for his generous sponsorship of the club. Johnny also gave a special thanks to Doctor Brendan Day for his great assistance to the club. Danny Potter who remains as secretary had a very busy year and produced a very comprehensive report. Mary Davoren who remains as treasurer produced a very healthy set of accounts, Mary also thanked all of her lotto committee especially Majella Hynes and Noel Fox. Incoming chairman Johnny Duggan thanked Johnny Greaney for his work for the club. Johnny also congratulated Barry Hanley on winning a minor All-Ireland with Galway and the pride he brought to the club with his wonderful performance in Croke Park. Pat McCartin who remains in charge of the senior team thanked his players and he spoke of his hopes for the coming season.

The following officers were elected for the coming year:
Micheál Ó heidhin,
Vice Presidents: Fr. Noel Mullin, Tom Lenehan, Martin Hanley and Roddy Kenny.
Chairman: Johnny Duggan,
Vice-Chairman: Patrick Killilea.
Secretary: Danny Potter, Assistant: Michael Fox.
Treasurer: Mary Davoren, Assistants: Noel Fox and Majella Hynes.
Delegate to County Board: Malachy Hanley
PRO: Joe Fahy
Senior Manager: Pat McCartin.
Junior A Manager: Tommy Walsh
Minor Manager: Michael Fox.
Dick O’Hanlon has been appointed as senior team trainer.

Carnmore are in group with Kilconeoron, Meelick-Eyrecourt, Gort and Ardrahan.

Claregalway Basketball Club

Sat 29th of January proved to be a very busy day for Claregalway Basketball Club with our U10 and U11 boys taking on Oughterard and our U14 and U16 boys taking on Moycullen.With all competitions U11 years of age taking on a new non competitive status this year there definitely was no lack of enthusiasm from these young players as both teams played skillfully and energetically throughout the games.

The Claregalway U11 team on the day were as follows, Craig Hansbury, Kevin Brennan, Mike Coyle, Daragh Moylan, Ryan Flannagan, Cathal Evans, Paul Fahy, Jamie Monaghan, Edwin Carey.

The Claregalway U10 team were Conor Ryder, Ryan Murray, Shauna Doyle, Cian Ryder, Marc Coyle, Conor Fahy, Calum Steedman, Stephen Egan, Conor Foy, Eoin Conroy, Evan McGuire, Jack Roche, Madeline Begley, Robert Stephens, Darren Nicholson, Sean Holian. Well done to all who played on the day and to their coach Cormac Evans.

U16 boys V Moycullen
This was Claregalway U16 boys first game of the season and they acquitted themselves very well in what turned out to be a thrilling encounter between the two sides. Claregalway started well with Emmet Kelly and David Hansbury at forward, John Egan at centre and Colm Brennan and Dan Commins up front. John Egan and Emmet Kelly led the initial scoring for Claregalway with Colm Brennan doing a tough job on defence up front. At the end of the 1st quarter the teams were level at 11 pts each. The 2nd quarter started with a change of defence for Claregalway who went into a “box and one” to curb the offensive efforts of Moycullens star player James Loughnane. The change proved successful and with Dan Commins and David Hansbury beginning to score the half finished with Moycullen up by two on a scoreline of 22 to 20. In the second half the intensity increased and with some tough “d” being played by both teams foul trouble started to play a role in the outcome of the game.Emmet kelly started the second half very well and led the scoring for Claregalway while Brian Moran did a great job on defense effectively cutting out Moycullens leading scorer Loughnane. At the end of the third quarter Claregalway were up by one on a score of 40-39. The fourth quarter continued in the same vein but Clareaglway had John Egan on 4 fouls and with four Minutes to go he picked up his fifth and had to leave the game. Gary Rohan was introduced at this stage at the guard position, and soon after David Hansbury followed Egan when he picked up his fifth foul also. David Morris came in and made an immediate impression scoring some big baskets for Claregalway and defending well at the other end. With very little time left Claregalway were up by one point and Moycullen had the ball on the baseline. On the inbounds pass James Loughnane was fouled and with Claregalway on team fouls he was awarded two free throws which he duly converted leaving Moycullen up by one. With 30 seconds left Claregalway were unable to regain the lead and Moycullen ran out winners on a scoreline of 52 to 51 in front of a large crowd of supporters from both sides. Claregalway can be happy with their first outing and will be sure to improve as the season progresses.

The Claregalway team and scorers on the day were: Michael Evans, Robert Dooley, Colm Brennan, John Egan (13), Peter Divilly, Brian Moran (3), Dan Commins (9), Emmet Kelly (18), David Hansbury (4), David Morris (4), Gary Rohan.

Claregalway GAA Football Club

Latest Club News
The Club Social is set for Saturday February 26th 2005 in the Claregalway Hotel and should be a good warm up to the year ahead. More details to follow.

Our first Senior League Game of 2005 will be against Milltown. The fixture is an away match and will most likely not take place until early April.

As always get the latest news from our website and why not subscribe to our newsletter [email protected]

2004 AGM
The 2004 Claregalway Gaelic Football Club AGM took place on Sunday 9th January 2005 at 4pm in the Club meeting room. The meeting was well attended. Chairman Mick Higgins opened the meeting asking all to observe a minute’s silence for the victims of the Asian Tsunami disaster of St.Stephens Day.Secretary Joe O’Connell gave his report and gave an overview of the club’s progress in all grades during the year. He praised the underage and Ladies teams for their performances, and looked forward to another great year at all levels in 2005. Joe offered thanks to all sponsors, members and especially players for the help and effort throughout the year. A special note of thanks to our main team sponsors Paul Gill and the Claregalway Hotel. Many thanks to Carnmore Club and their co-operation in the year. He wished them every success in the year ahead. Finally condolences were offered on behalf of the club to all members who suffered bereavement during the year.Treasurer Tony Stephens presented the financial report for the 2004 year. After a good Fundraising “Night at the Dogs” the clubs finances are in a healthy state. The lotto was also a good steady earner but more work could and should be done to raise better funds for a development outlook.

Mick Higgins then presented his Chairmans Address. He praised all the teams performance for the year and looked forward to another bright year with perhaps better success in the senior and junior grades. He thanked his fellow officers and club members, players and families. A special mention was given to the jubilant underage teams who decorated the clubwith silverware again this year. He also praised the ladies teams who fielded in three grades, and won their first trophy, an U-14 league. Special praise to the All-Ireland heroes – the Galway Senior Ladies footballers, and thanks to vice-chairman and club man Michael O’Connell who was selector and trainer for that team. He wished every success to all the club teams in the forthcoming year. He noted the treasurers excellent work on the finances and singled him out for the main driver of our lotto, stating that he hoped for more help over the next year. He also spoke on the future of the club with respect to more land being needed for players to train and play. A more sustainable development plan needs to be put in place and this should be done as a matter of urgency. Finally he wished all players, members and the general club well in the year ahead.

Election of Officers:
Patsy O’Hagan;
Chairman Mick Higgins;
Vice Chairman Mick O’Connell;
Secretary Joe O’Connell;
Assistant Secretaries John O’Hagan & Martin Kelly;
Treasurer Tony Stephens;
Assistant Treasurer Paddy Glenane & Enda O’Connell;
Registrar Kenny Murphy;
Cultúr agus Gaeltacht Pat Coen;
Youth Officer Jimmy Gavin;
Senior Management Vinnie Nestor, Pat Coen, Brendan O’Hagan, Tony Stephens;
Junior B Management Joe Arkins, John O’Hagan;
Minor Manager Tony Clarke

In Finishing
All the newly elected officers thanked their nominators and for the support they received. Chairman Mick Higgins spoke of a promising year ahead in Senior with the appointment of new boss Vinnie Nestor and some missing players due to return. He thanked all the newly appointed officers and hoped that the club could continue to grow, and could match the needs to meet the expectations of their teams and players.

Joe O’Connell, Secretary

Claregalway Amenity Group Contact Names

Josette Farrell – Chairperson 086-3913852 or 091-798430
Brendan Noonan – Secretary 091-798207
Celia Lennon – Treasurer 091-798081

Josie Concannon 091-798183

Sean Harte 091- 798726

Rose Kavanagh 091-798266

Vincent Lyons 091-798374

Seamus O’Connell 091-798245