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Make-up tips for Christmas
Make up should always be applied to a cool face. Many women make the mistake of coming straight out of a hot bath or shower, while the pores are still open, applying their moisturiser and make-up, then wondering why it has disappeared after a few hours. For make-up to last and to help stop skin sweating, the pores must first be closed with a toner, in an emergency, even a splash of cold water will do the trick. For a natural look when applying foundation, start in the centre and stroke outwards to the hair line or simply apply base where it is needed. Keep your hands away from your face if you want your make-up to last.

Eyes – remember that light eye shadows reflect and open up the eye, while dark colours detract and give shape and depth. This is why highlighters are used on the brow bone and deeper colours in the socket to accentuate shape. Pluck eyebrows to keep them tidy and to frame your eyes. To prevent eye shadow creasing, make sure eye lids are dry. Powder them first, if necessary.

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