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ESB Powerlines
The ESB Networks section plan to upgrade the power supply to both Galway City and the Dalton line in Mayo. They propose to erect additional pylons on lands from the Casla Power Station to Galway City and Dalton in Mayo. Many landowners and residents are very opposed to the intrusion of such unsightly lines erected on their property.Earlier this year both Deputy Grealish and I arranged a meeting in Galway with ESB oficials to discuss their plans and they attended a public meeting in Claregalway were the concerns and alternative solutions were put forward. The ESB agreed to put the planning permission application for these lines on extension of time and the decision is now due on December 22nd. At the request of Deputy Noel Grealish a public meeting was held on November 14th. in Claregalway at which over 100 concerned people attended. The ESB do not seem to have altered their position. Following that meeting Deputy Grealish has publicly called on the ESB to withdraw their planning application. We are now waiting to see what will happen if the ESB don’t withdraw their appliation and if the planning authorities will grant the planning permission sought by the ESB.

Request for a Library for Claregalway
In June 2004 as a result of a request made by me to the County Librarian for a library for Claregalway I was informed that the provision for a library for Claregalway would be addressed as part of the County Library Development Programme which was being drawn up. In August of this year I again renewed my call to the County Council. At the County Council meeting held on November 28th I raised the matter in the chamber and was assured that a report would be available for the December meeting on this issue.

Traffic Danger at Claregalway National School
Last year the issue of traffic danger at Claregalway National School was taken up by me with Galway County Council and as a result the Senior Engineer Martin Lavelle came out one evening and met with some members of the Board of Management. Unfortunately, since then nothing has happened. On September 13th of this year I again raised the matter with the Council officials at our area meeting. I was not satisfied with the response and the following day I wrote to Mr. Morgan, Director of Services for Roads. He has since handed the matter over to one of his senior engineers who has visited the area and I am now expecting that he will report back to me in the near future. The Council are also looking into the problem with the junction at the Tuam Road.

Request for Green/White Bollards
I have written to the roads section of the Council asking that they provide Green/White bollards at the junction of our country roads. At present it is the policy of the Department of Transport to place these bollards only along primary roads. They have been so effective that there is no good reason why the junctions or our country roads should not be highlighted by these bollards as well. I have asked the Council to replace the damaged bollard at the head of the Lydican Road. Mr. Morgan, the Director of Roads has undertaken to get back to me on this issue.

Cregboy Road
There have been a number of complaints in relation to the poor condition of the Cregboy Road and I have raised the matter with the local area engineer who is to have the matter dealt with by the local area supervisor. In view of the pressure on the council workmen it may be nearer to Christmas before the work is carried out on this road.

Damage to car tyres on the Monivea Road
In the recent past a number of car tyres have been damaged on the edge of the roadway near the Airport Stores. The problem is that some heavy vehicles have been pulling up on the grass verge and as a result a deep hole has developed. There is a hard shoulder at this point but people still enter onto the grass margin. Some vehicles have lost hub caps at this spot. The matter has been brought to the notice of the local road engineers.

Claregalway By-Pass?
You will all be aware that on the 25th November the Loughrea By-Pass was officially opened. This campaign lasted for over fifteen years and it is estimated that it will remove 10,000 vehicles a day from going through the town of Loughrea. We all welcome that bypass. However, it raised serious questions in relation to the attitude of the NRA towards the Claregalway Bypass. When one considers that over 33,000 vehicles go through Claregalway village daily I believe that the case has already been made for the urgent need for a Bypass. Representatives of the NRA are to visit Galway County Council in the near future where they will meet a cross party group of Councillors to discuss various road projects. I will be representing the Progressive Democrats Party at that meeting and I intend to drive home once and for all the necessity for the Bypass. I would like to see all the Deputies joining with Deputy Grealish in pressing ahead for this Bypass. The more pressure that is put upon them the better. The people of Claregalway deserve nothing less.

As we approach the festive season may I take this opportunity of wishing you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and the best of health for the New Year.
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