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It was a night when colleagues, neighbours, friends and many people from the area
came to pay tribute to Pat Heneghan, a man who won huge respect as the local guard
in the area for many years. Garda Pat Heneghan came to Loughgeorge in 1981 and has
served the people of the area from his base at Loughgeorge well. Pat has given diligent
service to the people of the area and never wanted any trouble or credit. Pat was widely
known for his policy of stopping trouble before it got worse with prevention, rather
than the cure always the policy of Pat Heneghan. A native of Glenamaddy Pat
Heneghan was also actively involved in Claregalway Football club for many years and
was a great supporter of people involved in organizations within the communities
where he served.
Speaking at the function in Fallon’s Bar, Turloughmore on Friday night, David Fallon
spoke of the tremendous respect in which young people had for this man. Pat
Heneghan had his own unique way of dealing with young people and evidence of this
has been clear with so little trouble in an area that has been constantly growing and
developing in population in recent years. Pat Henaghan never went out on the hard
approach on people were perhaps falling into the wrong road. Instead he had a direct
approach that was very effective and won huge respect in the area and among young
people and their families for his fair and firm approach. The community where he
served owes Pat Heneghan a great deal and he will be missed in the area. Living in the
area also meant a great deal and Pat was close to the heart of everything that moved in
the area. He was a man who still has a lot of years left in him but has taken to decision
to move on in his life. The people of this area wish him well in what ever direction he
takes from now on and David Fallon made a special presentation to Pat Heneghan to
mark his retirement from the Gardai and a presentation was also made to Pat’s wife
Thanking David and all that turned up Pat Heneghan said that he received tremendous
support and co-operation from the people of the area and that made his life much
easier. When he first arrived in the area he was afforded a huge welcome and came at a
time when Con Gillespie was the local Sergeant and Paul Harlowe was the other guard
in the area. Paul was replaced by Willie Cosgrove and since then Dan McNulty and
Frank Larkin have come and
gone as local Sergeants, while Pat Fitzmaurice and Mick McCarthy are the current
colleagues in Loughgeorge as he leaves the station. Pat expressed his sincere gratitude
to all who have wished him well since he announced his departure but added that he
had no plans to leave the area.
– Frank Kearney