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Recently a major collection of Padriac Pearse was donated to the National Museum of Ireland
and will be on display in Collins Barracks Museum in Dublin. Included in the material were a
cheque book and twenty seven cashed cheques signed by Padraic Pearse in 1912 including one
to his mother. However while many would disregard the other signature in the cheque, the
signature of the other person who signed the cheques with Padraic Pearse has strong links
with Claregalway and Lackagh. Stiofan Bairead who is the other signatory in the cheque along
with Padraic Pearse was a native of Roscommon and a very close friend of Pearse. He was a
director of St Enda’s school in Rathfarnam with Pearse and prior to that was one of the
founders of the Gaelic League with Douglas Hyde and Eoin McNeill and was the first
Treasurer of the Gaelic League and also worked as an official with the fledging organisation.
Stiofan Bairead was married to Siobhan Murphy from Ballymurphy in Claregalway parish and
they had four children and Padraic Pearse was Godfather to one of their daughters, S