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Walking around Claregalway as is my main mode of transport, one cannot but be disheartened at the state of the village. It really is in a disgraceful state as you will read about on front page. How on earth have we come to this?
Apathy has set in and nobody is doing anything about it. Friends of mine who live off the main road have expressed deep disgust at the way people are throwing rubbish out of their vehicles whilst also taking short cuts on these roads. Sometimes I wonder do we have any voices out there to speak for us, or is Claregalway about to become the dirtiest village as well as being known as one of the worst bottlenecks in the country. Yet it’s happening and will continue to happen unless our elected representatives come to our aid and speak out on behalf of our village. We have some wonderful landmarks but being congested and dirty would not entice anybody here.

Now that Lent is here, it is a cleansing time for all of us. It was encouraging to read an article recently about more and more youth attending mass and being proud of it. One only has to attend mass in Claregalway which bears testimony to this. A statement which stood out in the article was “You’ll find that loads of people don’t go to mass until they’re having a hard time of it, and then when they do, who do they turn to?” Materialism is short lived. We all know there are no pockets in our shrouds or no trailer behind the hearse. To have peace of mind and a bit of faith never did anyone any harm. God has the last call.
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