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The DKN Vibro Plate
Vibroplate machines have caused a revolution in weight loss, toning, fitness training and have many other benefits.
Vibroplate machines give the body’s muscles a high-speed workout by using vibrations to stimulate them to contract and relax.
By just standing on the Vibroplate it’s vibrations cause an involuntary reflex muscle contraction, many times a second. It is now possible to achieve weight loss or tone up without spending hours in the gym.

Tone up and improve your health and fitness in just minutes.
Create a perfect body fast by burning fat and increasing muscle tone with the all new Vibro Plate.

Benefits of DKN Vibro Plate

•  Increases muscle tone and power

•  Accelerates fat burning process and weight loss

•  Reduced effects of cellulites

•  Fast muscle growth

•  Improves flexibility

•  Improves circulation and increases metabolism

•  Stimulation of coordination

•  Increases done density

•  Burns calories fast

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