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Planning  For The  Future:  Update on Development Programme
Phase 1
The attached pictures illustrate the development works that are on-going at the Club’s new Grounds at Knockdoemore and being overseen by Senior Club Chairman John Feeney.
Phase 1 of the Club’s Plan consists of :-
(1) Lay down temporary car park and an area for underage football practice- this is complete

(2) Develop, cultivate and grass seed the first pitch-  in progress

(3) Lay down roadway through the Grounds-  in progress


(1)  Erect additional lighting-  complete

(2)  Move goalposts and erect new nettings behind-  in progress

Target- Phase 1 of the Plan is to be complete by the end of April.

Date for your Diary: Thursday October 21st, 2010 Annual Fashion Show Extravaganza,  Clayton Hotel,  Ballybrit

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