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Pictured with Ian Claxton and Therese Rock from The Elmtree Clinic in Oranmore are Catherine O Donavan and the group from Belarus who were kindly treated to Acupuncture and Reflexology treamtents courtesy of The ElmTree Clinic Therapists.

The Group from Belarus were guests of Catherine O Donavan and Brigid McGowan both of whom were involved with children from Belarus for the past five years. Members of the group recieved special treatments which will help with their recuperation after traumatic illnesses.

From left Irina Senyuk,Catherine O Donavan,Theresea Rock, Lidia Zarutskaya Ivan Mikhailovsky, Yura Senyuk,Ian Claxton.

For further information on Charity days at TheElmTree Clinic contact Ian on
086 3034593 or [email protected]