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Dear Editor,

The minimum wage came about because in the past young people working in summer jobs were too often exploited in the workforce. Now the minimum wage is the norm for some bar and resturant staff even for those with years of experience.

Because of Free Education most young adults don’t enter the full time workforce until they are in their early or middle twenties. Up until the 1960ies most people got married at this age and started their families. The marriage age has now crept up to the late twenties or early thirties as steady full time secure jobs are hard to come by.

Now I would like someone to tell me how any person in their twenties could start a family on the minimum wage without having to become State Dependent.

If they want to bring down the minimum wage let them first of all bring down the cost of living and have proper social housing plan where couples can start their families without the being totally State Dependent. Irelands future is it’s children, if we keep going as we are there will be no next generation. We have to think good and hard about who we want to run this country in the very near future. Let’s say Goodbye to old style “village pump” politics for once and for all. Lets put the needs of our people before all else.

Yours Sincerely,
Nuala Nolan