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Ballymurphy Crossroads
I am glad to be able to welcome the great improvements that were recently carried out by the council at Ballymurphy Crossroads. This was indeed a very dangerous junction and I had made several representations to the council over a number of years to have work done at this crossroads.

Lydican Wood Rd.
It is nearly two years since the council carried out works on this road going all the way down as far as the last house. At the last meeting of the council I proposed that the council take this complete road in charge and the proposal was adopted. As a result the council will now be responsible for the maintenance of entire road.

Hedge Trimming
Over the past few months I have received a lot of queries with regard to hedge trimming along our country roads in particular. I have been in constant contact with the local council engineers. The most recent letter that I have received from the council dated October 26th. is as follows; Hedge trimming is still ongoing in the area. They are to finish in the  areas of Cregboy, Cregmore and Lydican etc. this week.  The hedge trimmers will start next week on routes covering Cloonbiggeen, Cloon, Montiagh and will then move to the Maree and Clarenbridge area.

Street Lighting and footpaths on the N 18
Earlier this year the NRA announced that they were allocating funding for street lighting and footpaths from the N 17 up the N 18. Since there has been no sign of the works starting I have now written to the council to establish when in fact those works which were promised are to start .I know that the council workers in the area have been greatly reduced as a result of the embargo and that coupled with the additional flood relief works that they are involved in may explain the delay.

Unauthorised parking of Caravans at Cregboy
On the 15th. of October a number of caravans with travellers forced their way onto the council compound at Cregboy and the occupants refused to move when asked by local people. Since then both Deputy Noel Grealish and  I have had nearly daily contact with the council. In fact Deputy Grealish had a special meeting with the County Manager and her staff on the 26th. We have also been in contact with the Gardai at Mill Street. Thanks to the good advice given by Garda Inspector Sean Glynn and the co-operation of the local people and council staff the caravans moved away early on the 29th. October. I immediately contacted the council to make the compound secure so that we would not have this problem again.

Corrandulla Cross Roads
For years this crossroads has been the subject of several serious accidents particularly for motorists coming onto the Headford Rd, coming from the Claregalway direction. In association with the NRA the council have now decided to stagger this junction and all they are waiting for now is for the ESB to remove some of the power lines that are in the way. It is hoped that this work will start soon.

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