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BNI is a professional business organization established 25 years ago globally and began in Ireland 12 years ago. BNI which stands for Business Network International, allows one person from a trade or profession to join a single group (called a Chapter) and to benefit from its referral system. It is like having dozens of sales people working as part of your team, whose role is to refer contacts and business within their group.

With over 5,500 groups globally, and nearly, 130,000 members, it is the most successful business referral organisation in the world. There are over 80 BNI groups in Ireland, with three already in Galway. BNI is currently forming a new group in the City and would love to hear from business people who would like to find out more about growing their business through referrals.  The group meet in the Carlton Hotel, Dublin Road, each Tuesday at 06:45am.

Last year, members of BNI worldwide passed 5,500,000 referrals, which generated more than €1.65 billion worth of business. In the UK and Ireland alone, members generated €260 million worth of business for each other – by identifying new business opportunities (referrals). In the Tribesman Chapter, €1 Million worth of business has been generated between the members.  This is business created in Galway and spent in Galway.

Detailed independent research has shown that the average value of a member’s ‘seat’ at a chapter breakfast table is more than €35,000 a year, but dozens of BNI members have won multi-million Euro contracts from colleagues’ referrals – just by getting up early to network, while their competitors are still asleep!

Andrew Hart, Executive Director of Ireland South & West said:

“Most business people appreciate the great value of word-of-mouth marketing and yet surprisingly few Irish businesses make it their primary marketing tool, despite it being more effective, longer-lasting and cheaper than many other forms of marketing.”

The meeting is open to local entrepreneurs who are serious about effectively marketing and growing their business. There are already local business people and trades people in the group who are looking for other businesses they can work with and refer business to.

If you would like to attend, please contact BNI Director Liam Higgins on 086 833 2558.