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“I told you it could be done”

Change – it happens so fast

Change is happening so fast these days not because of technology advances but because of advances in human ability to visualise, adapt and change.  Every day we hear of some new invention or technological advancement so futuristic that people’s mind are boggled as to how such inventions are made – or even thought of in the first place. We now have smart phones that are equipped with technology so advanced that years ago the same type of equipment would need to be housed in several houses, not to mind a pocket!

We’re built that way

We are the top of the animal food chain because the human brain is resourceful and easily adapts to change. This means for humans the possibility of change is unlimited. Everybody’s brain has a different brain process and pattern. We are all unique.  Did you know that similar processes and patterns can be identified to create huge personal change? The science behind this is called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which is used to maximise people’s potential.



I told you it could be done.
Successful people all have one thing in common – they can visualise their goals. From Richard Branson to Nelson Mandela, these people can see exactly what their goals look like. Their goals are clear, and because they are clear, the person can have complete focus to achieve these goals. For example, take the technology of the smart phone. This is due to people’s ability to visualise and eventually their goals will come to fruition. If your mind is open to visualisation then you can make it happen for you. The secret to success is having goals and achieving them – simple as that. If you have no goals, how can you expect things to happen?
“If you want something different you have to BE different”

What do you think people would have said to prehistoric man who invented the wheel? Most likely they would have told him he was mad, yet he had a dream and achieved it. That guy opened up the door for people to think differently and in turn he improved life for all mankind. Time a
nd time again, there have been cases where people went out on a limb to be different and do what they believed in. For instance:

  • Space travel: There was a time when very few people believed humans would ever get to the moon
  • The majority who thought the world was flat laughed at Galileo when he theorized that it was round
  • Science: the cloning Dolly the sheep, the possibilities of which could lead to major advances in medical sciences and treatments


Confidence is crucial


Self belief is another factor that sets successful business people apart. People can sometimes limit themselves. They may say:

  • That’s not me
  • My friends and family would never let me do that
  • Being confident and different is just not me
  • I don’t have a choice


The 2011 British Open winner Darren Clarke was on the verge of quitting when he explored the option of using a sports psychologist. Darren took this huge step in employing a professional support as a vital intervention to boost his success. His coach worked with him all the way through the British Open, assisting Darren to keep his focus, to visualise and be confident in challenging weather conditions. The rest as they say is history. Today Ireland’s economic climate is challenging. Will you continue as you are for years without realising your potential or will you take a step in a different direction like Darren Clarke, seek focus, gain confidence and achieve your goals.


Remember: If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it

Coaching and NLP is the ideal professional support to assist you in achieving your personal and business goals. This support empowers you to pursue and achieve your goals in a sustained and realistic manner.


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