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My great grandfather was Michael Long born in Galway, Ireland. I am not exactly sure where or when but potentially in the 1865–70 range. His wife’s name was Catherine Walsh, also from Galway but it is not clear if they were married before he emigrated to Boston, MA. He had two sisters, Mary and Katherine (Kate or Katie) and three brothers, John, Patrick and Thomas.

We also know that Katie Long emigrated to Boston as well and was married to a man with the surname of Foley, again, not sure if they were married in Galway or Boston. Their father, my great-great grandfather was named Thomas Long and his wife’s surname may have been Whalen. That is about all I know.

I did some research using the 1901 and 1911 census, and the majority of Long’s that match the first names and estimated ages, were concentrated in Claregalway, specifically in the Kiniska area. When I looked up information on Claregalway, it states that the surnames Long and Walsh were amongst the most popular in the mid 1800’s. Anyway, I though I would e-mail you and see if maybe you could put this in your newsletter and if anybody sees a potential relation or has information, they could contact me.

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Stephen Long