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You are no doubt well aware of the ‘flood’ that appears on the N17 outside theCentra store in Claregalway after any kind of rain. This can at times, the latest being yesterday, extend to the middle of the road causing untold danger to motorists and pedestrians. Recently a driver came very close to colliding with the wall after the flood pulled his car up on to the footpath such was the depth of water on the road. This ‘flood’ has also been well documented in the local media and it is past time something was done before it causes a serious accident.


As you also aware this problem has been around for a few years and despite repeated requests to councilors and the County council very little has been done. I know there were men from the Council looking at it last week but whatever they did (if anything!) had no effect. In addition putting out a few Road Flooded Ahead signs does not solve the problem either.

This matter needs to be attended to as quickly as possible before fatalities occur—then it’s too late.