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Galway City Outer Bypass represents best cost-benefit return of all national projects announced today July 17

Further to confirmation just received from the Department of Transport, I am delighted to announce that the Galway City Outer By-Pass will be approved in the capital allocations for PHASE 2 funding this afternoon.

This is the first formal confirmation that GCOB will definitely form part of the Government’s capital funding allocation today.

GCOB will be in Phase 2 due to the legal hold-ups with the European Court decision. This is why it is not in Phase 1.

Phase 2 will still form part of the 2012-2016 capital allocation. Phase 2 will commence once Phase 1 has been completed. By then it is expected that the legal issues should be sorted out.

This is great news for Galway commuters, business and tourism. Rush hours can take one hour to get from one side of the city to the other. The new GCOB once constructed will see an end to those intolerable delays that so badly affect the quality of people’s lives in Galway city and Conamara.

GCOB represents the best cost benefit analysis of all projects being announced today. We, in Galway, have known that for a long time. It is really good that our government and the Dept of Transport are confirming that fact too.