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There was much anger in the Rooaunmore area last week when a number of cars assembled in another night of utter stupidity and danger when a group of young car drivers and friends put their own lives and the lives of several others at risk on the main N 63 road. For over an hour the rampage continued within a few hundred yards of where a family were waking their brother who had died that morning.

While these young people who wanted to demonstrate their driving skills, doing donoughts and handbrake turns on the road, were possibly unaware that a family were grieving four hundred yards away, the ongoing continuation of this behaviour in this area at night, displays little regard for the people in the local community.

Speed Camera Missing on night of mayhem

There has been sharp criticism of those operating speed cameras who have said that they are targeting areas where people have been killed. On Friday evening a speed camera van present in the 50 km speed limit area in Lackagh village for several hours, where in the past one hundred years only one person has ever lost their life in a traffic accident and that was in the late sixties when there were much fewer cars on the road. Yet at the same venue several hours later there were over thirty cars speeding like mad and doing do-noughts on the same location in adjusted noisy vehicles and not a sign of the speed camera or a member of the gardai. Several people in the area called the Gardai but such was the mayhem around the county that it was almost impossible to control. This has been an ongoing problem in many areas at weekends and yet there is never a speed camera to be seen. Yet they are out to find the easy target. People who receive letters for speeding in Lackagh on Friday, 24th August should seriously highlight the failure of the authorities to act when they are wanted and yet try to capture the easy victims, who are driving home after a weeks work and rarely cause a danger to lives.