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Well September is here again and it’s the start of a brand new school year. I would like to start off by offering a very warm welcome to our new Principle Caramel Burns, It’s an honour to have her at our school and I’m sure she will feel right at home in Claregalway National School with our excellent teachers and pupils. Also we would like to wish Pat Coen the very best in his retirement and he will be greatly missed especially by all the kids who had some much good time for him.

Back to school for most of the children will feel normal and they will settle back into a routine very soon but for all the new children to our school it will be a brand new exciting world, even if a wee bit scary for the first few days. To any new parents to the school feel free to get in contact or involved with the Parents Association by emailing us at [email protected].

The Parents Association is a great way to meet other parents through our monthly meetings and fundraising events but its main objective is the wellbeing of every child in the school and to keep Parents informed by a monthly newsletter as to what is happening in the school. To be informed, you must be on our email contact list, and to be on this list you have to send us your email address or phone number to the email address above or leave it with your child’s teacher.

As said earlier, the coming year is going to be a busy one, starting with the completion of the new car park designated for teacher’s cars only. With all the teacher’s cars now in the new car park, it will mean that there will be less congestion at the front of the school especially at peak times such as drop off and pick up. The new car park was built to clear the congestion but also to allow the County Council and the Board of Management to look at setting up a new and safer traffic system to allow parents to drop off/pick up their kids, as opposed to the chaos that is there on a daily basis. This new traffic system outside the school will hopefully fit in nicely with promised traffic calming measures that are being looked at by the County Council.

Also we will also have the building of three new classrooms and a study room. This will be a huge addition to the school and will take some of the pressure of the school and teachers trying to manage the very limited space they had, which in fairness to them, they did very well. It will also allow the kids to have a decent size halla again. Building work is to commence very soon and I’m sure cause some disruption but we will have to manage that for the greater good.

Keep an eye out for our monthly contribution in the Nuacht Chláir as to what is happening in your local primary school, there will be plenty news and information, especially any achievements by the school or pupils. Keep an eye out also for some of our many fun events that will be happening throughout the year!

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