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Just to update you all on what has been happening as regard the traffic situation that exists outside the school. I (Clement Shevlin) have met with all five T.Ds in our area starting with Noel Grealish, Sean Kyne, Brian Walsh, Derek Nolan and Eamon O’Cuív. The main reason in meeting with them was to present them individually with the Traffic Awareness DVD that we had produced to highlight the serious dangers experienced by parents, children and local residents on a daily basis, dealing with this deadly dangerous stretch of road. They all gave their word that they would look into the issue and make phone calls to the right people to get the issue resolved.

As it stands right now the Council and the NRA are negotiating plans for traffic calming measures but seem to have come to a complete halt over one or two issues in dispute. These issues in dispute could mean that the traffic calming measures may never get started and this is where each and every parent has to make their voice heard by contacting all the T.Ds listed below and telling them how important it is for them to act on it and act on it without delay. On a local level ye can also get in contact with your local councillors Malachy Noone and Jim Cuddy. I have also been in contact with the NRA and the RSA, who are also now aware of our grave concerns but have not yet responded to me. I have listed below the details of each T.D and councillors, so please get in touch and let your concerns be known. Failure to do so will certainly mean nothing will ever change till unfortunately there is a serious incident or ultimately a loss of life. 

Our first Parent Association meeting of the new school year will be held soon, where we will be laying out our plans and objectives for the year, where once again we will be asking for more parent involvement, whether in a small way or a big way, all help is welcomed and ensures we can give the children a little bit more.

Kind Regards,
Parents Association.

Noel Grealish T.D. – [email protected]  or 091 764 807
Derek Nolan T.D. – [email protected]  or 091 561 006
Brian Walsh T.D. – [email protected]  or 091 513 051
Sean Kyne T.D. – [email protected]  or 091 868 111
Eamon Ó Cuív T.D. – [email protected]  or 091 562 846
Councillor Jim Cuddy – 087 636 0242
Councillor Malachy Noone – 087 1333 711