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The interim building for the new post-primary school in Claregalway has been selected at the Corporate Park in close proximity to the village.

This was confirmed by the Department of  Education and Science to Co. Galway VEC yesterday (Tuesday) and the Department will be submitting an application for planning permission for the facility early next week.

The VEC has been informed that substantial work has already been undertaken by the Department in relation to the new school, which is planned to be open for the school year starting in September 2013.

On Monday, at the monthly meeting of the VEC, it was announced that 112 students have been enrolled to date and the organisation will be corresponding with both the Department and Bus Eireann regarding the provision of transport for students to the new school.

In welcoming the Department’s decision regarding interim accommodation for the new school the CEO of Co. Galway VEC, Joe McDonagh, stated that this is another milestone along the road towards providing a second-level school in Claregalway.

Mr. McDonagh complimented the preparatory work undertaken by the building section of the Department in association with Galway Co. Council.

The CEO also pointed out that the building will be a permanent structure and not pre-fabs and it will have state-of-the-art facilities.

At Monday’s meeting, the CEO also said that they were going through the process of appointing a principal and it is hoped that the person appointed will be announced by the end of the month or early next month.