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Claregalway’s Educate Together school will be part of a national fundraising initiative this Friday when it takes part in the One Day Together event.

Teachers, children and parents will play their part in the annual day of fund raising to support multi-denominational, child-centred education.

There are 65 Educate Together schools throughout the country, and as the group has charitable status, it receives only ten per cent funding from the government.

“People probably don’t realise how little Educate Together receives from the state to operate and manage its school network,” said Paul Rowe, Educate Together CEO.

“Meeting the demand for new schools while supporting and developing our existing school network is a real challenge. That’s what makes One Day Together so important. Not only do our school communities get to celebrate who we are and what we stand for  but we also raise the valuable funds needed to keep us going and growing.

“This year’s national fundraising day is extra special as we celebrate 35 years of Educate Together schools. We hope everybody who is currently, or has been in the past, involved with an Educate Together school will support their local school’s events or make a donation.”

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