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The annual Lackagh Cemetery Mass will take place on Monday next 5th August in Old Lackagh Cemetery and on the following day, Tuesday 6th, in the new cemetery. The Cemetery Mass in Lackagh is always a very special occasion for all families who have loved ones buried in Lackagh. Many people who are home on holiday take the opportunity to also attend Lackagh Cemetery Mass. In recent times great work has been carried out in both cemeteries and a special plea is being made to all families who have relatives buried there to come along and clean and tidy their family graves and have the cemeteries looking resplendent for the Mass.

Masses will take place in Lackagh Cemetery at 7pm (weather permitting) and if the evening is wet will take place in Lackagh Parish Church. There are many people from outside the parish who have relatives buried in Lackagh and those having contact with them are asked to inform them of the Mass and invite them to come along on any of the evenings. People who are cleaning the graves of their loved ones are asked to refrain from dumping the weeds and old wreaths in the graveyard and to please take the rubbish away after the clean-up of the graves. A lot of rubbish has been piled up in Lackagh old graveyard and there is no facility to clear up this. With the cemetery looking so well it is a pity that some will destroy it this way.


Photo by Relatively Rabbitt.