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The 4th of March 2014, happy Pancake Day everyone…


The 4th of March 2013, the best day of our lives. Lily-Mae’s oncologist called to say her scans showed No Evidence of Disease! The chemo had worked. Cyclophosphamide, etoposide, cisplatin, carboplatin, vincristine, topotecan, doxorubicin, busulfan and melphalan were all pumped into our darling baby, repeatedly, to try and save her life.

And they worked, they killed the monster that was trying to kill her.

We struggle on a daily basis with worry as to how those drugs will hurt her in the long run. Infertility is just one of a terrifyingly long list of awful side effects that she could suffer.

This day last year, we were ten months into this horrific journey & still had radiotherapy in London and six months of antibody in Crumlin ahead of us, but on the 4th of March, we felt she was winning the battle.

The battle is still being fought—70% of stage IV, high-risk neuroblastoma patients relapse. We have pinned every bit of hope we have on the DFMO trial in America & would travel to the moon and back every three months if it would save her life.

Without your support, the trial in America would not be possible and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Happy, happy, happy Pancake Tuesday!