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To the people of Claregalway.

Claregalway has been nominated by Galway County Council for entry into the national Pride of Place competition under the town category.

The format of the competition is that two judges will visit Claregalway on the morning of Wednesday 23rd of July and they will spend about two and a half hours with us.

The first thirty minutes with us will be a presentation showing the best Claregalway has to offer and about two hours will be taken up with a tour of Claregalway.

We know the format of the judging so we need to tick the following boxes:

Community Participation

  • Level of involvement by individuals and groups.
  • Evidence of community involvement in providing for youth, people with disabilities, minorities and the elderly.
  • Active involvement with local council and local business.
  • Evidence of innovation.

Impact on Community/Area

  • Engagement of residents/business in caring for the built and natural environment.
  • Sustainability and long term benefits.
  • Preservation of the culture of the area.
  • Linkages with neighbouring communities.

To deliver on the above we are looking for a representative from every group/organisation in the parish.

Every group/organisation has a story to tell and we want to know about you and your activities and let everyone else know all about you.

As I don’t have contact details for many of the groups in the parish I need your help in getting this message to as many people as possible.

Use whatever means Facebook, Twitter, email, text message or just mention this to someone you know involved in a group in the parish.

The next planning meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 25th of June at 8:30pm in the Claregalway Hotel.

Let’s put the best foot forward for Claregalway and take advantage of the publicity this competition offers.

Thanks in advance,
Vincent Lyons
Claregalway Community Development Association