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A Galway business operating on the Docks has called on customers to continue shopping in the area while the Lough Atalia road works are taking place, saying is has never been easier to access his premises.


While the traffic management system implemented by Galway City Council for the Lough Atalia road lowering has largely been a success, it has proved damaging to businesses in the Docks area, with customers avoiding the area entirely.

However, Mr John Holland of Galway Bay Seafoods says that, ironically, it’s never been as easy to visit his own retail unit or neighbouring businesses like Kearney’s Centra, Lough Atalia, or the Harbour Hotel.


“It is actually so easy now to drive down as far as the docks, especially from Salthill or Dominick Street, or any of that side of town,” said Mr. Holland.

“For instance, last Friday, I left Galway Airport at three o’clock and it took me thirteen minutes to get to the docks—the reason being, everybody thinks it’s gridlock down there.

“The Harbour Hotel are losing out on their lunches and we have a retail premises down there and we’re being hurt badly by it, for the simple reason people think it’s just chock-a-block and we’re trying to get the message across that we are open and it’s a doddle to get down to us.”

Mr Holland said that much of the traffic on Merchant’s Road is turning left and the right turn to where Galway Bay Seafoods, the Harbour Hotel and Kearney’s Centra are located, is easily accessed.

“We are open and we have specials on every single day,” he said.