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Turloughmore Mum Alice Shaughnessy and her 11-month-old twins Allegra and Francesca are one of seven families in Ireland chosen to share their toddler tales and experiences in an online community.


Toddlebox is a new feeding and nutrition website dedicated to families with toddlers. The Toddlebox challenge is to share tales from their toddler’s high chair and capture the reality of the highs and lows of toddler meal times.

The challenge will go behind the scenes and work with these families one on one, filming every step of the way to share their experiences and offer advice and tips on toddler nutrition.

Toddlebox dietitian Sarah Keogh will work with Alice and her twins as well as the other families and tailor meal plans specified to their day to day lives. This information will then be shared on

“Allegra and Francesca are just entering into toddlerhood and have started to become increasingly fussy with food as a way of expressing their personality so I’m thrilled to be part of the Toddlebox Challenge.

It’s been tough with the twins as it’s not one toddler, it’s two—and they both have their own individual tastes and personalities.

“I need help combatting their behaviour and help with toddler-friendly recipes so I can be sure my girls are getting all the nutrients they need. I hope other mums will follow our journey and see how we get on,” commented Alice.

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