Posted by Jacqueline Hogge, The Tuam Herald in News.

A pop song synonymous with the 1980s film classic Rocky has been rewritten to become one of the first released in support of the Galway senior hurling team, ahead of this year’s All-Ireland final.

A Tuam man, living in Tipperary has modified Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor to Time of the Tribesmen, which will be released next week.

Paul Creighton, whose late father Peter was a member of the Johnny Flynn Showband in the 1950s, is based in the village of Newport.

He decided to rewrite the classic pop song following Galway’s one point victory over Tipperary on Sunday and said the support he’s had from his friends in the area.

“It’s been amazing being a Galway man here in Tipperary. In fairness my Tipp friends gave Galway lots of credit following the game and now I am looking forward to performing the song in Galway when Liam McCarthy makes his way home in September.”

Peter has had previous chart success when a song he wrote with the Corrigan brothers entered the Irish charts back in 2008.

There’s no one as Irish as Barrack Obama was re-released three years later when the US President visited Ireland and became a YouTube sensation with over six million hits.

For those interested in singing along on All Ireland Sunday here are some of the lyrics:

Rising up, back on our feet
Took our time took our chances
Beat the teams that we had to beat
Our bid for Liam is alive

So man times it happens too fast
You trade your passion for glory
Forget the talk of the games of the past
This year is the year that we strive


It’s the time of the Tribesmen
It’s the thrill of the fight
Rising up to the challenges of our rivals
And the last sole survivor on All Ireland da
Will be the boys called the tribesmen