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Two Galway charities are to feature on the new Monopoly board for Galway. The public voted to feature Galway SPCA and Galway Autism Partnership on the new Monopoly board for Galway, which will be launched on Friday 2nd of October.


Galway SPCA will feature on one of the Community Chest square on the board, while Galway Autism Partnership will feature on one of the board’s Chance squares.

Galway SPCA—which cares for neglected dogs, cats and pets in Galway—has an extra reason to celebrate as two of the Monopoly playing counters are a dog and a cat. The cat was recently introduced, replacing the iron, following a worldwide vote by Monopoly fans.

Established in 1986, Galway SPCA has a shop in Galway City and a sanctuary in Killimor, Co Galway. A spokesperson for Galway SPCA said “We are delighted to have been recognised by the public as an important contributor to Galway society and life.

This is a very special honour bestowed on Galway SPCA for all the rescue and rehabilitation work we do in Co. Galway.

To be assigned a Community Chest square is particularly poignant as many of the cards award something positive and game-changing and that is what animals are offered in Galway SPCA.”

Julie Breslin, Co-Ordinator for the Galway Autism Partnership said, “As one of Galway’s well respected smaller charities, we are thrilled to be an integral part of the Galway Monopoly board and thank everyone who voted for us.

“Our inclusion will help ensure that our valuable work for people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder can continue to evolve, grow and strengthen for our wonderful families into the future.”

The new board will be available at all good toy and book stores from 2nd of October including Easons and Smyths. The board will also be available online at Amazon.