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A group of people from the Lackagh/Turloughmore area have over the past few months been putting together a celebration event commemorating the 1916 rising, to be held on Sunday.

The five schools in the area—Lackagh, Coolarne, Cregmore, Bawnmore, and Annaghill—will all be involved in presenting the art they have completed over the past few months commemorating the 1916 rising.

The United Nations Veterans Association will perform the flag raising event with music and singers provided by Lackagh Taste of Trad.

There will be tours of the museum and storytelling workshops with Bog Oak displays prepared by a local artist. The proclamation will be read by each school who have rewritten it in their own words.

This will be followed by the solemn event and reading of the proclamation by well-known local historian Martin Concannon. There will be interactive displays and the launch of a local DVD production.

There will be an U10 Hurling match in the Turloughmore Centre and all other events will take place at 12.30pm in the Lackagh Museum and Church grounds.