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Permission has been granted for the construction of a new mixed-use development in Claregalway village.

John Coyle of Cahergowan is leading the plan to build a mixed-use commercial complex at Summerfield, replacing the existing commercial buildings.

The development would involve the construction of a new entrance from the N17, and the demolition of the existing two-storey pub, restaurant and taxi office.

summerfield bar

The demolished building would be replaced by a new two-storey building which would include a pub and restaurant, a bookmakers office, a taxi office, and a commercial/retail unit at ground floor level.

The first floor would consist of four commercial office units and a deck amenity area.

The development would also include the demolition of a kiosk associated with the filling station, the existing bookie’s office, the garage at ground floor level and the residential accommodation above it.

summerfield service station

A new revised filling station, forecourt and three storey building with a shop and deli with seating and offices above will also be built.

A third new block will consist of commercial units on the ground floor and an apartment at first floor level.

The Claregalway complex would also include a new single-storey car wash and valet building.

County planners have approved the project subject to 18 conditions.

These state that minimal changes are to be made to the existing road layout and its ghost island, except to align the openings and closures in the ghost island with proposed accesses.

The developer is also required to pay almost €25000 to the planning authority under the development contributions scheme.