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We provide balanced and individually tailored nutrition programmes and fitness routines for all our clients. We promote a balance of 80% Nutrition and 20% exercise.
We run our Breakfast Club from 6am-11am Monday to Friday and we also have some classes on Tues and Thurs at 6 and Sat morning at 10-12. Our club works as a membership club and it works out at €60 for 10 visits. A visit entitles you to a healthy breakfast consisting of a meal replacement smoothie, a herbal tea beverage and a delicious aloe based drink. These products combined give you a great start to your day with the shake keeping you full for 3+ hours. You can also use a visit for one of our fitness classes. After every class we provide a recovery smoothie to make sure our clients get what they need to repair their bodies after the stresses and strains of exercising
As you seen yesterday we offer meal replacements and supplements to compliment a healthy balance with regular healthy food. Our meal replacements are completely balanced and do not eliminate any food groups, as in carbs,protein or fats. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and also contain fibre. Due to their make up they make an excellent breakfast. The vast majority of our products are plant based and there in no chemical intervention in their production. We offer our client targeted nutrition products. They cover all aspects of nutrition as in Heart health, Digestive Health, Joint care, Skincare, Hair care and more.
Our main focus is our Breakfast Club. We believe that swapping unhealthy breakfasts for a healthy breakfast can have a great result on you health and well-being.
All our products are developed by top doctors in their field. We have a nutrition advisory board made up of 36 phd qualified doctors which includes 1 Nobel Prize winner.
Myself and Barry have had incredible results ourselves from using the products while making exercise a part of our routine. The focus of our club is to promote healthy living while educating people on nutrition. We hope to introduce a free 6 week nutrition school in the near future.
For further information contact Barry & Dave at 085-8664677