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Currently Claregalway only has playing pitches near the local Community Centre. Other pitches are located in Knockdoemore which is approx 2 kms outside the village. There is no public green space in the village nor public playground(s), both of which are badly needed.
Playgrounds play an important role in the daily lives of children to stimulate an interest in physical activity and improve their coordination and social skills. They promote physical development, learning and provide daily exercise in an outdoor environment. Outdoor gyms located in other communities are popular and provide a meeting point for families with young children.
Claregalway is growing at a rapid pace and a playground has been under discussed for many years. It is now a necessity for the village/town to have a safe play area for the children of the community.
There are two National Schools and a Secondary School in Claregalway in the mapped area, with a total of 1,289 children, highlighting the urgent need for a social outlet for the community.
A site has been offered to the community by a local resident. The map has been sent in to Sean Kilroy and we are awaiting a response from him in relation to this. I believe other sites have been mentioned in the area.
Josette Farrell