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(Written for a College project in June 2005) Claregalway is a rural parish rich in history and tradition.  Situated seven miles north of Galway City on the N17 road to Tuam, it is a rapidly expanding village. It has a population of over 3,000 people living in a parish of about 12,000 acres in size.  Although agriculture is still an important local industry, Claregalway offers many other services and employment sources.

It is important that proper infrastructure is in place to support the growing population of Claregalway. This paper examines Claregalway and issues concerning its ongoing development, i.e. the promotion of adequate range of facilities and services within the area.  With the surge in population, it is necessary to have a proper infrastructure and sewerage system in place, in order for Claregalway to grow.  The need for a bypass of the village is of paramount importance as the village is experiencing a range of transport difficulties, which are common to larger urban areas. Claregalway has become known as one of the “worst bottle necks in the country”.

During the process of this project on Claregalway, the findings showed the consistent need for a controlled development ensuring an adequate range of facilities and services within the area.  Findings also revealed the need for a regular bus service.  The most immediate findings showed the urgent need for a bypass of the village.  For a village of over 3,000 people, the volume of traffic movement surpasses 33,000 each day. Traffic is a daily nightmare for residents and people passing through the village.  I compiled a questionnaire on Claregalway and its ongoing development and picked at random 10 people of different age groups to participate.



  1. Do you support the level of development currently taking place in Claregalway?
  2. Do you support the need for a bypass?
  3. Are community facilities adequate? If no, specify.
  4. Are youth facilities adequate? If no, specify.
  5. Do you agree with the rate of housing development?
  6. Is there adequate public transport provision?
  7. Are you satisfied with current policing arrangements?
  8. Do you see the need for a Community Hub in Claregalway?
  9. List your three key issues concerning Claregalway?