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Paraic's Tips For Snow

Paraic’s Tips For Your Garden After Snow

A breathtaking white winter wonderland descended upon Ireland last week…in the first week of March!! It brought a mixture of emotions across the country – joy at the fun to be had, fear of the icy roads and worry about the effect the icy conditions would have on our gardens. So what does the icy conditions mean for our beautiful spring gardens? Here we have compiled our top tips for caring for your garden during and after the icy weather.

Paraic's Tips For March

Paraic’s Tips For Your Garden In March

Spring is such an exciting time of year. The Daffodils are dancing in the wind and the lambs are frolicking in the fields. We are greeted with light in the morning and the evenings stretch long into the night. Our days are once more filled with opportunity! What does this mean for us gardeners? It means that spring has blessed us with a precious gift. The gift of time! But how do we use this time effectively? Here we’re talking you through some of our top tips for making the most of your garden in March.

How To Grow Potatoes

How To Grow Your Own Potatoes

Home grown Irish potatoes are simply the best. Just add butter and a touch of salt and nothing tastes better. They’re a staple food in the Irish diet, hence every family should know how to grow their own.

Thankfully, growing your own potatoes is very easy. Here, we outline how to grow your own potatoes in just six simple steps.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the mothers in our lives. What better way to do that than to give the gift of love and positivity? The flower we have chosen to celebrate Mother’s Day with this year is the Camellia. The Camellia, also known as the Mothering Plant, is the perfect gift this Mothers Day. We have hand selected the perfect flowers, carefully created beautiful bouquets and gift wrapped them to ensure the mothers in your life feel happy and loved this Mother’s Day.

We also have an extensive gift section, including candles, scarves, gloves and a range of plants and flowers – check it out in your local store or online hereAt Horkans, we have something to suit everyone!


Paraic’s Plant Of The Month: The Forsythia

The March plant of the month is the Forsythia, also known as the Easter Tree. It is known as the Easter Tree as it is in full bloom in time for Easter. It is one of the first plants to flower in the spring, producing an abundance of bright, rich, butter-yellow flowers from early March to late April.

Forsythia bushes are easy to care for, requiring little to no maintenance. This, combined with its beauty, make it Paraic’s plant of the month for March! Read more here.

Paraic on Midwest

Exciting News!

Paraic’s Gardening Show is back on Midwest Radioevery Saturday morning from 9 – 10am. He will be telling us all his tips and tricks for gardening in every season and what you should be doing every week to get the most out of your garden. If you miss the show, don’t worry. You can listen to it on the Midwest website after the show.