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We are currently looking for a twinning with an Irish town in the Galway area. We are a small French town with a population of 2,500. More information is available on our website :

A twinning committee was created in February and chose Ireland as its destination. Here is a link to the committee’s facebook page :

Weare planning toorganize a trip to develop contacts and make official a lasting relationship. At this stage we are looking for a point of referenceto organizeour trip.

We have a list of contacts, about a dozen town sincluding yours. We have two primary schools in our town and w ewould like the twinning to begin with an exchange between the schools and then expand to other areas of community life (sports, culture, and other associations).

Here are links to both school websites:

In addition to the schools we have in Saint Viaud, two restaurants, a leisure center and a lake, a café, a supermarket, a bakery/pastry shop, a post office, a doctor, two dentists, a physiotherapist, an osteopath, an orthodontist, a pharmacy, a Catholicchurch, various sports clubs : football, basketball, cycling, badminton, handball, rollerblading, tennis, wakeboarding, a skate park, and other associations (astronomy, gardening ,history….).

We would like to know if you are interested in our project and if you would like to mee twith us to see if we could count on yours chool to start the twinning. Other wise we would much appreciate you giving us other contacts who might be interested in this approach.

Weremain at yourdisposal for further information via internet.

W ethank you for your attention and a quick response, even if it is negative.

Your struly

The Mayor, Roch CHERAUD

The President of the Twinning Committee, Didier SALAGNAT

The Director of the Mont ScobritSchool, Magalie TOUBLANC

The Director of Saint-Vital School, Didier DURAND