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The advantages of modern technology where family members can see and talk to each other through phones, have become a lifeline for many families as people are obeying the requests issued by the HSE to stay in in order to stay alive.

While it is a difficult time for many families, most people are observing the request to stay apart. The decision of those in charge has worked as there are no longer small groups to be seen who were breaking the request.

The two kilometre exercise distance from home is by and large being observed, there are precious few that are not obsereving the request. Older people are being particularly cautious and careful as they are among the most vulnerable.

The Masses on televisiojn and radio are a comfort and release to older people, while huge respect is being shown to healthcare workers who are at the front line and that must continue to anyone who is helping people to overcome the present crisis.

Noboby knows how long this might last and on a sporting front there are many concerns that the events like the Galway Races and the hurling and football championships at both club and county might not take place at all this year.

Already the National Hunt reason on horse racing came to a close among other events and internationally, the tennis in Winbledon, International soccer tournaments and the Olympic games have all been cancelled for this year. There is a fear among people who are afraid of contacting this dreaded illness that has taken thousands of lives across almost every country in the world.

While many worry about the future, when and if we get out of this, the most important thing for everyone is stay safe and come out alive and when we do, everyone will be able to start all over again and bring our lives, families, parishes and the country, slowly back to normality.

The onus is on all of us as individuals to stay apart and stay home and obey the HSE guidelines in our bid to stay alive.