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The U14 hurling season began on the 23rd of January, with an excellent turnout of boys and girls for the indoor hurling coaching sessions in Claregalway and Carnmore. The purchase of the Nuri indoor hurleys have been very successful judging by the improvement in skill levels of both the boys and the girls.

We are participating again this year in the Larry Carroll Tournament organised by the Turlouhgmore Juvenile Hurling Club. The four teams are Carnmore, Turloughmore, Annaghdown and Abbeyknockmoy. The top two teams qualify for the final.

Our first game of the season was against Turloughmore. This game played in Coolarne was always going to be a close affair and Carnmore aided by the breeze in the first half led by 1–4 to 1point at half-time. Carnmore defended brilliantly in the second half and held out for a 1 point victory with a scoreline of Carnmore 1–4, Turloughmore 1–3. With outstanding performances from Barry Hanley, Geoffrey French, Jerry Giles, Paul Doolin, Barry McCartan, Eoin Feeney and Trevor Casserly.

Team: J. Giles, E. Glynn, P. Doolin, K. McDonagh, B. Hanley, R. Dillon, G. Moran, C. Murray, D. Leonard, G. French (0–1), P. Dolan, T. Casserly (0–2), E. Feeney (0–1), B. McCartan (1–0), T. Noone. Subs used: E. Cooney, M. Shaughnessy, D. McDonagh.

Our second game in the tournament was against Annaghdown played in Creggs which Carnmore won with a scoreline of Carnmore 2–4 Annaghdown 0–1. Best players on the day were Thomas Walsh, Shane Fox, Sarah Fox, Enda Cooney, Alva McHugh, Rory Dillon, Ciaran Murray.

Team: J. Giles, A. McHugh, R. Dillon, K. McDonagh, B. Hanley, P. Doolin, S. Fox, G. French (0–1), C. Murray (0–1), Shane Fox (1–1), P. Dolan, T. Casserly, E. Cooney, B. McCartan (1–0) and T. Walsh (0–1). Subs used: M. Shaughnessy, A. Noone, D. McDonagh, C. Fox, A. Kenny, B. McKiernan.

Our third game in the tournament was against Abbeyknockmoy in a winner take all on Friday evening 2nd of April. With a lot at stake—the points for the tournament and for the championship on the line!

On St. Patrick’s Day 12 brave Adults took the U14 panel of 35 boys and girls to Croke Park for the All-Ireland Club Finals. On the sunniest St. Patrick’s Day for years or first stop was at Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club, where we played 2 challenge games. Kilmacud Crokes ‘A’ team proved too strong for our ‘A’ team and won on the scoreline of Kilmacud Crokes 4–5 Carnmore 2–2. The ‘B’ game was a lot closer with the final score reading Kilmacud Crokes 2–3 Carnmore 2–0.

A Team: T. Noone, A. McHugh, P. Doolin, K. McDonagh, B. Hanley, R. Dillon, C. Fox, E. Glynn, C. Murray, G. Moran, G. French (1–1), T. Casserly (1–1), S. Fox, D. Leonard, J. Giles, B. McCartan (injured).

B Team: L. Kenny, R. Talbot, M. Shaughnessy, J. Talbot, G. Kenny, L. McHugh, E. Feeney, B. McKiernan, B. Cumskey (1–0), E. Cooney, A. Kenny, M. Fox (1–0), S. Fox, A. Noone, D. McDonagh.

The very impressive Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club provided chips, burgers and drinks after the match which were enjoyed by all. We are looking forward to their return trip in June or September. From there it was on to Croke Park to watch the two Club Finals (we won’t mention the score Pat!).

On the way home we stopped in Supermacs Athlone, where the Kennedy brothers from Loughrea had a hot meal efficiently organised for our arrival.

We arrived at Carnmore Pitch at 10 o’clock with 12 exhausted adults and 35 energetic party animals and one contrary bus driver!

I would like to add that the boys and girls were outstanding ambassadors on behalf of the Carnmore Hurling Club, and thank everyone involved in making this day such a success.

We played Athenry in a challenge game at Cregmore as a final warm-up game before the championship. Result Athenry 2–4 Carnmore 0–1.

Team: J. Giles, D. Fox-McDonagh, R. Dillon, D. Leonard, B. Hanley, P. Doolin (0–1), S. Fox, G. French, C. Murray, Shane Fox, P. Dolan, G. Moran, E. Feeney, M. Shaughnessy, A. Noone. Subs used: C. Fox, A. Kenny, R. Talbot.

The Draw was made for the U14 Championship with the top four teams qualifying for the quater-finals.

Fixture information is listed below, and as always parental support is much appreciated and a real boost to the team.

  • Round 1 Carnmore V Padraig Pearses—27th of March at 11am in Ballymacward
  • Round 2 Carnmore V Abbeyknockmoy—2nd of April at 6.30pm in Coolarne
  • Round 3 Carnmore V Sarsfields—8th of April at 6.30pm in Kilconierion
  • Round 4 Carnmore V Liam Mellowes—12th of April at 6.30pm in Renmore
  • Round 5 Carnmore V Cappataggle—17th of April at 12pm in Carnmore
  • Round 6 Carnmore V Oranmore/Maree—26th of April at 6.45pm in Ballyloughane
  • Round 7 Carnmore V Kilbeacanty—1st of May at 11.30am in Kilbeacanty

As with any Championship it’s vital to win your first game and last Saturday, the team (less the girls on the team who were playing in their own championship game in Craughwell, and we would like to wish Packie, Frank and the girls every success). We went by bus to Ballymacward to play Pearses, on a very sunny Saturday.

Pearses started off the scoring with a goal but Trevor Casserly replied instantly with Carnmore’s 1st goal. Pearses replied without hesitation with a goal of their own . Carnmore’s centre forward Geoffrey French put the ball in the top corner of Pearses’ net for Carnmore’s 2nd goal. The half time the score was 2–2.

Carnmore and Pearses both upped their game in the second half but the heat and the pace began to take it’s toll. Pearses scored the first pint of the second-half and Carnmore’s full forward, Paul Dolan put the ball in the Pearses net for Carnmore’s third goal to lead by 2pts. Within minutes Pearses replied yet again with a goal of their own and tensions were starting to run high with only a point between the teams with seven minutes left. Then a Paul Dolan block put the ball over the bar for a point, Pearses umpire questioned the point but Referee Benny Wade and umpire for Carnmore Barry McCartan, were insistent and the point stood. Carnmore’s Trevor Casserly replied with another point which no one could dispute which left the score (3–2 to 3–1). Enda Cooney with a lovely strike hammered home another goal but the umpire spotted a foul with the forwards and the goal was disallowed. Barry Hanley drove a long range free, deceiving the goalie for Carnmore’s fourth goal. The final score line reading Carnmore 4–2 Pearses 3–1. Pearses were a very strong side with very impressive midfielders and half forwards. Carnmore’s best players on the day were Con Butler, Tomas Noone, Rory Dillon, Paul Doolin, Barry Hanley, Paul Dolan, Gerry Moran, Shane Fox.

Team: J. Giles, T. Noone, R. Dillon, D. Leonard, B. Hanley (1–0), P. Doolin, G. Moran, C. Butler,C. Murray, Shane Fox, G. French (1–0), T. Casserly (1–1), K. McDonagh, P. Dolan (1–1), E. Feeney. Subs: E. Cooney, M. Shaughnessy, D .McDonagh, A. Noone, B. Cumiskey.

We played our second championship game in Coolarne against Abbeyknockmoy, on Good Friday. It started out as a beautiful summers evening as both teams settled into their game. Carnmore’s Geoffrey French got the scoring underway with two excellent points from play, in fact Carnmore’s only two scores in the first half. As rain clouds started gathering, Abbey with the wind at their backs scored a goal and a point. Ten Minutes into the first-half the flood gates opened and Abbey scored another goal. While the hailstones came down Rory Dillon, Sarah Fox and Tomas Noone kept Abbey to a five point lead, with solid defending, to leave the half-time score Abbey 2–1 to Carnmore’s 2 points.

Under terrible hurling conditions, the second-half got underway. It was vital for Carnmore to get some early scores, and after good work by Paul Dolan, Trevor Casserly blasted home Carnmore’s first goal. Within minutes Barry McCartan added a second to put Carnmore in the lead. Carnmore now lifted their game and Thomas Walsh and Trevor Casserly scored two more goals. Paul Doolin with a side line pass from Geoffrey French put the ball over the bar to leave the score Carnmore 4–3 Abbey 2–1. Abbey came back with a goal of their own but their fate was sealed when a goal by Paul Dolan secured victory for Carnmore that did not look likely at half-time. Final score Carnmore 5–3 Abbey 3–1.

This hard earned victory gave us two more championship points and secured us a place in the Larry Carroll final. Carnmore’s best performers on the day were Rory Dillon, Sarah Fox, Tomas Noone, Ciaran Murray, Thomas Walsh, Paul Dolan and Trevor Casserly.

Team: J. Giles, T. Noone, R. Dillon, D. Leonard, Sarah Fox, P. Doolin (0–1), G. Moran, C. Butler, C. Murray, T. Walsh (1–0), G. French (0–2), T. Casserly (2–0), P. Dolan (1–0), B. McCartan (1–0), E. Feeney. Subs: K. McDonagh for Paul Doolin (injured), Shane Fox, E. Cooney, A. Noone, B. McKiernan, A. McHugh, C. Fox, and A. Kenny.

We are looking forward to playing in the Larry Carroll final on Easter Monday against Turloughmore in Cregmore Pitch.

Looking forward to your support at the remaining games, Sarsfields, Liam Mellowes, Cappataggle, Oranmore/Maree, Kilbeacanty.

U14 Management
Tomas Grealish, Gerry Dillon, Declan O’Brien