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The playing year is now in full swing with most of the County Competitions completed, and with the City Leagues kicking into action.

So far we have had a very active year with U16s, U14s, U12s and U10s teams all involved in those county competitions. Our U16s were in a tough group, and failed to make it through to the final stages of their competition. The U14s and U12s qualified from their groups, but unfortunately lost out at the quarter-final stages.

Pride of place goes to our U10 team who not alone qualified from their group, but went on to win the County Final, and bring the 1st county title to our club.

This team came through a fairly tough group, and did not look likely to beyond the quarter finals. However, they seemed to improve once they got to the quarter final where they defeated a good Castlegar team. They then went on to beat Turloughmore in the semi-final and Kiltormer in the final.

The panel of players involved in our 1st County title victory were: Adel Grealish, Maebhe Hanley, Sarah Fox, Elaine Grealish, Andrea Fox, Nataile Molloy, Jennifer Davoren (Capt), Lisa Kirwin, Grainne Mchugh,Stephaine Molloy, Shauna Thornton, NatasiaTannian, Niamh Fox, Alva Manning, Yvonne Coen, Louise Smith, Aoife Fox, Jenny Brennan and Sarah Devaney.

The Club, and especially the girls themselves, would like to thank the people of the area for the reception they received when they arrived home after the match. A special thanks to those who went to the trouble of lighting Bonfires enroute. This really made their day.

The Playing year is at about the half way stage with City League competitions for U10/12, 14/16 age groups still to come, so training continues every Saturday.