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A great turnout for the first Junior open held in Turloughmore on last Sunday 26 March 2006 for the Irish Traditional Karate Association with over 80 students taking part in the 3 events (Basic,Kata and Kumite).
The competition was represented by clubs from Shannon ,Galway City and Galway County
Thanks to Sensei’s Gerry Mcsweeney ,Greg Cotter and Mike Hogan for supporting the event and to all the parents who gave up the day (especially the Mums on mothers day) to support there kids.
ITKA Clubs took home 11 out of a possible 40 trophies with Turloughmore Karate Club taking 2 first places and 6 second places while Barnaderg Karate Club taking 1 second place and Claregalway Karate Club taking 2 second place trophies.
In the Mens Open event which 9 students with age varying from 16 to 26 took part, was very hard fought with Turlougmore Students victorious in first and second place.

Open – (Girls all grades KUMITE) 1st Place Debbie Mcdonagh (GALWAY KC )2nd Place Sinead McAuliffe (Clare KC )
Open – Mens (KUMITE) 1st Place Gordon Myers (Turloughmore KC )2nd Place Shane Morris (Turloughmore KC)
16+ years – Brown -Black (girls KATA) 1st Place Debbie Mcdonagh(GALWAY KC) 2nd Place Sinead Costello(Clare KC)
13-16 years – White -Green (mixed KATA)1st Place Jack Quinn 2nd Place Michelle Monaghan
13-16 years – Purple- Brown (girls KATA) 1st Place Sinead Costello 2nd Place Rebbeca Palmer (Corrib KC )
9-13 years – White -Green (boys Basics ) 1st Place Craig Dempsey 2nd Place Dillion Donnellan
9-13 years – White -Green (girls Basics) 1st Place Danielle McCluskey 2nd Place Aideen Giles (Claregalway KC )
9-13 years – White -Green (Girls KUMITE) 1st Place Casey Manning 2nd Place Aoife Morris (Turloughmore )
9-12 years – Purple- Black (girls KUMITE) 1st Place Mellisa Glynn (Claregalway KC ) 2nd Place Claudia Loughnane (Clare KC )
9-12 years – Purple -Black (boys KUMITE) 1st Place Jake Gallagher 2nd Place Mark Coyle (Turloughmore KC )
9-12 years – Purple -Black (Mixed KATA); 1st Place Rebbeca Palmer(Corrib KC); 2nd Place Jake Gallaghir
9-12 years – White -Green (boys KATA); 1st Place Cain Flaherty(Turloughmore KC); 2nd Place Mark Hughes (Turloughmore KC)
9-12 years – White -Green (girls KATA); 1st Place Daneille McCluskey; 2nd Place Sinead Hardiman
9-12 years – White -Green (boys KUMITE); 1st Place Dillian Donnellan; 2nd Place Alfie O’Mahony (Barnaderg)
6-9 years – All grades (girls KUMITE ); 1st Place Claire Minouge (GALWAY KC); 2nd Place Sarah Donnellan
6-8 years – All grades (Basics); 1st Place Cian Hogan (Clare KC); 2nd Place Michelle Coyle (Turloughmore )
6-8 years – White -Green (mixed KATA); 1st Place Jessica Palmer (Corrib KC); 2nd Place (Martin Kelly)
6-8 years – Purple- Black (mixed KATA); 1st Place Cian Hogan (Clare KC); 2nd Place Steven Conway (Clare KC)
6-8 years – All grades (boys KUMITE); 1st Place Steven Conway (Clare KC); 2nd Place David Hughes (Turloughmore)