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‘One Day In Your Life’ – New Beginnings

28th January, 2018 – Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill


Are you just existing,  showing up each day, getting by, going from one challenge to the next, but never quite feeling fulfilled? Is your cup so full with the same stories and experiences that you continue to get the same outcomes?  Perhaps it is time to look for a NEW CUP, and fill it with something NEW, in order to create NEW experiences.

This ‘New Beginning’ is being launched in The Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill, Galway on  Sunday 28th January 2018 from 10.15am-4.00pm.

‘If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got’.

Change is needed to bring about the New Beginning that we have been waiting for.  Getting back to basics, and going within is where the answers lie in all of us.  Going within – to the Self.

It is about connection, something that brings us together and allows shame, guilt, judgement & aloneness to be voiced, and know it is ok.

On 28th January, our group of seven ladies, connecting as friends, share our stories in the hope that they instil in you, hope for a brighter and better life to come . Dealing with topics such as Anxiety, Grief, Depression, Confidence, Addictions, IBS, Childhood Traumas, Bullying and Isolation, we invite you to share this time    with us and utilise our Experience and Knowledge of How we as Women have overcome our individual life’s challenges.